Softball Bat Grip Advice

The softball bat grip is where hitting a softball begins. This overlooked softball hitting aid can be adjusted to improve your softball swing. If you change your softball bat grip technique, with a little bit of work, hitting a softball harder and farther is possible.

Hitting a softball is not that difficult in slow pitch softball. The problem that can develop is hitting the ball for long fly outs. With the extra outfielder playing defense, you have to hit the ball solid if you are going to be a consistent softball hitting threat for your team. To hit a softball harder, you may have checked out softball hitting aids. One technique that can work nearly as good as a softball hitting aid is tweaking your softball bat grip. Holding a softball bat in a different way can change your bat path during your softball swing, allowing you to make more solid contact.
softball hitting aid
The first thing you'll want to do when you are experimenting with a different softball bat grip is taper your bat handle. Here is an example of a softball bat grip device that allows you to taper your handle to improve your grip. With a battle handle that is tapered you can generate more strength from your lead forearm during your swing. This is one option if you are looking for a softball hitting aid.

Softball Bat Grip Techniques

Dropping your pinkie finger slightly so it covers the bat handle helps your softball bat grip coincide with the bat. This can work as a softball hitting aid because the bat feels, in a strange way, like an extension of your arm. If you practice swinging like this, over time it can feel like you are working more with the bat, instead of against the bat. The idea in using the softball bat grip as a softball hitting aid is that you are creating a little more whip action during the swing.

sofball bat grip 1The softball bat grip shown here is a basic interlocking grip technique. You simply interlock the index finger of the bottom hand with the pinkie finger of the top hand. This type of grip is worth trying a softball hitting aid if you are in a funk at the plate. It takes some time to get used to, so you will definitely want to experiment at the batting cage before you take this softball swing adjustment to the field.

softball bat grip 2This type of softball bat grip is between the interlocking finger grip and the full on overlap grip technique. This potential softball hitting aid allows you to still control the bat with your top hand. Make sure to allow the index and middle finger of the top hand to hold the bat to give yourself more control during the swing. This style works well if you are not comfortable with going all the way to the full on overlap style below.

softball bat grip 3Here we have the all out overlap softball bat grip. This is a drastic change in the way you hold a softball bat. Although it has been proven to work as a softball hitting aid. You do have to be committed to make a change like this. It will require a ton of practice to feel comfortable completely overlapping your hands and swinging a softball bat with this grip. If you are in a league that requires you to use a shorter bat. This is a good softball hitting aid to try. The bat will feel much longer when you swing.

Improving your swing in slow pitch softball requires quite a bit of time practicing your hitting at the cages. If you are not into going to the batting cage, you can have someone pitch to you. A clever softball hitting aid allows you to use your own bat without damaging it from practicing hitting too much. You may want to consider using what is called a bat sleeve while you are working on your slow pitch softball hitting. The softballs at the cages are hard as a rock. It is a good investment if you are interested in saving some wear and tear on your softball bat. It may be tempting to take your own softball bat to the cage, just be aware of the fact that you could do damage to your bat that way. Using a bat sleeve as a softball hitting aid allows you to take a full swing during practice without worrying about damaging your softball bat. Working on your softball bat grip at the cage is a good way to hone your swing technique. Protecting the investment you made in your softball bat allows you to really get after it during practice. This makes it a helpful softball hitting aid for softball players interested in improving their hitting performance.

Put the time in, and a softball hitting aid can help your swing

softballKeep in mind that making adjustments to your softball bat grip takes work. Using these techniques as a softball hitting aid has no chance of working if you do not put the time in. Have friends pitch to you and go to the softball batting cages as much as you can. It varies from softball player to softball player how long it takes to feel comfortable with a new softball bat grip technique. Only when it feels completely normal to swing a softball bat with your new grip should you take it to the batters box in an actual game. Over time adjusting your grip can improve the amount of contact and power you are able to generate from your softball swing.

Putting the work in to improve your softball swing will result in line drives that outfielders can not reach. Every softball player is unique, there is not one magic solution to generating more bat speed. Find a softball hitting aid that will work for you. Adjusting your grip is only one way to improve your hitting. There is a softball hitting aid out there to put a charge into your bat if you are willing to put the time and effort in. Good luck this softball season!