A very dark vision...

For those who don't take care of our Earth.

Credit: Joseph D. Smith

From the time you read this, till the time you're done, you will appreciate your life more!

Animals are as important as their human counterparts, so we shall help you respect nature!

Too much research, and not enough action! This planet is suffering people, and we need to do the right things; yes, I said things, as it's hard to change every single thing about ourselves to help solve the Earth's biggest problem now! There is one big dilemma, that is bigger than any other, literally, on our whole planet:

How do you improve life for all the Earth's population, without overpopulation? When you solve that problem, then you will ultimately save the wide world! Everyone and everything must eventually die, but how do you improve their quality of life without making them impervious to any kind of death? It's the cycle of life to experience one's own birth, until their own death.

Planting more trees up than down is the most simple and yet most powerful way of putting back oxygen, and putting back the eco-system and it's little critters! Eat meat that has been freshly killed humanely, where the animal hasn't ever been tortured, as this puts back into the population control, along with feeding the community! By humanely killing animals for their food, it creates future generations of healthy young offspring! Also, clean up the water by using far-less fuel, as buying fuel in bulk is wasteful and it's what's putting in too much pollution! Buy just enough fuel to get you from one place to the next, and when you need more fuel, then go and buy some more, and not burning rubber! Also, try to use clean fuel if you are a person who motorboats, or use less fuel if you are using an automobile, where you can also try a clean source of fuel!

Pick up your trash, and throw it in the bin! Litter is harmless trash to you, but to the environment it is a detrimental source of sun-deprivation, along with toxic chemicals going into the soil and water supply, that affects everyone, as pollution is too plentiful! Think about how you interact with chemicals that are in the air and your tap water! Any kind of run-off will ultimately go into our own water-stream, some that is highly toxic!

So, the big dilemma; you can solve our problems by taking simple, everyday steps, everyday steps that matter every, single, time! You take pride in how you are a fast-driver, or a great multitasked person, but why not be proud that you are a responsible person, and that you will start a society people who take care of this Earth?! Will you take the last stand with me and become a human being again? Will you help me be happy, wild, and free? No, you don't have to live in the cave, nor do you have to give up your cell-phone, but I just want you to watch what you are throwing away and what you put into our air! It's not what you do, it's how much and how you do it!