King of the hill

Sony is one of the most popular brands to purchase portable DVD players from. Many people know and love their DVP-FX950 DVD player with its 9 inch 180 degree swivel screen, but Sony's released the DVP-FX970 a year later replacing that one, hoping to regain the same success they did with their earlier model. You'll be able to take your movies with you and enjoy some of the added features the last model didn't have. For instance, the DVP-FX950 allowed for USB connectivity, but you could only view photos and listen to music. With the DVP-FX970, you can view movies on a flash drive allowing you to leave your DVD discs at home and keep your movies in your pocket. It supports .mp4 video files the previous model didn't which allows for that. Appearance-wise, they've pretty much kept everything the same. They still have touch keys on the bezel, it still has a 180 degree swivel screen and it's still coated with a sleek black finish. Beyond appearance, they have decreased the battery life from 7½ to 6 hours. That maybe going backwards as far as improvements are concerned, but you can still squeeze about 3 movies with this device.

sony portable dvd playerCredit: amazon

A bit cheaper

The Sony DVP-FX970 is a bit cheaper than its predecessor which may compensate for the lower battery life, but it still packs in quite a few features. It has one extra input than the earlier model didn't so you can plug in a DC car adapter (which is included) to keep watching while on the road. It'll play a whole host of DVD and CD formats include Kodak Picture CD and 8cm camcorder DVDs if bychance you had previous family vacations you wanted to view on the road.


Some of the accessories included with the DVP-FX970 are an AC and Car adapter, A/V cables, and a remote control with two double A batteries. The remote is quite long so it might not be suitable for a child. This is more of an adult portable DVD player (especially with a higher price). It boasts a 800x480 widescreen resolution - the same as the DVP-FX950 - so the picture quality will be great just as before. There are two headphone jacks (headphones sold separately) allowing for two people to enjoy a movie. This one's a little weightier than the previous model at 2.3 pounds (the other one was only 2), but that shouldn't cause any arms to strain. You can always grab a carrying case to make life easier.

A few concerns

With the DVP-FX970 replacing the earlier model that was so successful, people may want to hold of on purchasing this one to see how everything pans out. Sony usually manufactures quality products and they offer good warranty programs to combat customer concerns. Also, Amazon has a few warranty programs for electronics that'll keep you worry free on your next business trip. They have some for if the device itself becomes defective, and also a few that cover you for accidental drops and spills. If you're giving this product as a gift to a child, you might want to take a look at a few of those warranty programs just to be safe. But more than likely, there won't be any major design flaws like the Mintek portable DVD player had a few years back. Sony's a good company and they have a record that can be trusted.

The new heavy-weight

The Sony DVP-FX970 portable DVD player is a contender for the number one spot over at Amazon - replacing its predecessor. There are definitely cheaper brands out there; Sony's models are considered high-end, but sometimes if you want dependability you have to pay the extra cost. Either way, whichever model you choose from Sony, you shouldn't be sorry.