The Sopranos is the award-winning TV series based on the fictional mob boss, Tony soprano. The show focuses on the problems associated with being the boss of a mafia crime family. 

Tony Soprano lives in suburbia with his wife Carmella and their two children: Anthony Jr and Meadow. Tony's official job is the manager of a waste management company. His wife, Carmela is aware of how he really makes his money, but often chooses to turn a blind eye. His children are oblivious, but the other parents and children at school are well aware of Tony's Cosa Nostra ties.

At the beginning  of the first series the boss of the 'family' is Jackie Aprile. He dies from cancer, leaving the mob with the question: who will take his place? The natural successor is Junior, but a lot of the crew want Tony to be the new boss. This causes problems between the two of them and it looks as though there will be conflict.

 Tony's mother, Olivia, takes Junior's side and  hints that he should get rid of Tony. This gets back to him and he becomes aware that Junior was planning to have him 'clipped' and that his own mother was rooting for his demise.

Tony starts to see a psychiatrist called Dr Melfi because he has been having panic attacks. This causes him a problem because Junior thinks that he will tell her things that could incriminate them. Tony talks to his crew about this and makes it clear that he won't tell her anything about their 'business'. This appeases them, but Junior continued to use it against him.

Tony ends the feud by meeting up with Junior and telling him that Junior is the boss of the 'family'. Tony knows that all the hostility is bad for business, so he tries to appease Junior by making him the official boss. 

 At the end of the first season, Dr Melfi had to go into hiding because Tony feared her life was in danger and Junior was arrested on other charges.

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The first season of the The Sopranos gave us a taste of what was to come. The rest of the series followed suit with acts of betrayal and brutality at its worst.

This award-winning television series  is a classic example of art imitating life. Many of the characters spend a lot of time sitting around eating and telling anecdotes. This is something that a lot of us can identify with, but then there are scenes where we see barbaric acts of violence. This is how The Sopranos portrays Mafia life and because of the realistic nature of the show we feel as though we get an insight into what that way of life is really like.                                             

It is thought that The Sopranos is based on the Decavalcantes, as they are the only crime family in New Jersey. Some say that the story lines on The Sopranos mimicked real-life events that happened there.

Tony isn't just a violent sociopath. He is actually a likable character. He has a sympathetic side and we get to see the love he has for his wife and children. He wants better for them. He doesn't want his own children to follow in his foot steps. For a character to stay on our screens for as long as Tony Soprano did there certainly has to be an endearing side to them. 

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 The producers ended the series with the scene where Tony and his family were meeting at a diner. While they are waiting for Meadow, a suspicious man looked at the soprano's table as he walked past them into the restroom. Then as Meadow entered the diner, Tony looks in her direction and then the screen goes blank leaving us to draw our own conclusions.

Ending it this way gave some fans the hope that The Sopranos might be back on our screens in the future. That was until the news broke last year of James Gandolfini's untimely death. Gandolfini was a very talented actor and a large part of the shows success is down to him as he was the central character. Although there can never be a new series of the Sopranos, we are fortunate that this gripping television series stayed on our screens for as long as it did.

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