If you miss a show you will be able to watch the repeat.

Some repeats are classics


Too many repeats.

Cheap entertainment

No Variety

Too many reality shows


Repeats are too soon and too frequent

Full Review

I find it hard to believe that only 50 years ago television was new and fresh, in the UK. Viewing may have only been available in black and white but it was magical. TV entertainment was usually viewed on huge TV sets, that had tiny screens and often only one channel, but it was a new concept.

Many homes still had no television set and important events such as Royal Weddings were often viewed by the whole street on one generous neighbours TV set.

These days the majority of British viewers have large, modern, colour television sets, at the very least. Many, like myself, have huge plasma or LCD televisions, cable or satellite extra channels or Freeview with some additional channels. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Of course, it does not matter how great the television viewing is, potentially, if the programming is rubbish. Summer has always seen repeats aired over and over again in the UK. However, in recent years, this is normal viewing any time of the year. Take, for example, the additional channels supplied by Freeview. With no subscription charges, Freeview is literally just that. Free.

The problem is that some of these channels are just repeats of viewing shown earlier that same day. Channel 4 + 1 simply shows channel 4's programs one hour later. This may sound acceptable but consider the fact that most of these programs are repeats anyway.

Classic programs, such as the comedy series Porridge, were great in their day and still can be worth a look. However, as they were originally aired more than 35 years ago, even classics such as these are becoming boring. For those of us old enough to have seen the programs before, it is getting to the stage when one can almost talk the lines along with the characters.

Among these repeats are shows such as:-
Various Soaps
Various Quiz shows
Various news programs
Big Brother
Big Brother's Little Brother
Celebrity Big Brother
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.
American Idol

X Factor

America's Got Talent

Shows such as America's Got Talent are repeated over and over and over again, often in just one day. Its not even as if the show itself is absolutely scintillating viewing in the first place, is it?

Somewhere along the line the BBC and other channels just lost the plot. Whether it was due to the competition from cable providers, and the like, that made broadcasters decide good programming was not worth the hassle, I am not sure. Perhaps they assumed that their viewing figures would reduce and simply gave up the ghost.

In Closing


One thing is for sure, though, the producers have hammered the nails into their own coffins. We keep hearing and reading about this new wonder of the 21st Century, which will occur with the digital revolution. What point is there though in the analogue signal being switched off, as the digital one takes over, unless what is on offer to view is a vast improvement?

If it is simply more of the repeats and dross entertainment, we will have a first class signal showing sub-standard programs, on state of the art television sets.

If that is not crazy, I do not know what is.