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This is a stunning and clear book about ancient signs, symbols, scientific mysteries, DNA, sacred geometry, consciousness, wormholes, conspiracies, the Mayan calendar, the pyramids, and much more. For the many seekers of the truth or the real science behind ancient prophecies, this book is the new bible. It is a great resource of treasures for the curious and open minded thinkers, who are willing to look at the great possibility for humans to reach full potential, with 2012 being a pivotal turning point.

David Wilcock, the author is portrayed on the book jacket like this. "David Wilcock is a lecturer, film-maker, and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His thoughts and expertise have reached millions of people through his website, He lives in California."

I had never heard of him until a friend mentioned him and got the local library to order this book. I immediately borrowed it and began to read. I cannot get enough of it. I must re-read and refer to it. I now own the book and can make notations and highlight to my pleasure. I have since looked into his many YouTube videos, but haven't had the time to watch them, and I do prefer a good read. His book is a companion to a ten-part Internet documentary series that marks a positive age coming, beginning with the year 2012. The video this is generated from is The 2012 Enigma.

The Pineal Gland

An amazing amount of research is about the gland that so little has been referred to in this modern era. The book sheds light on this mysterious body part. A most intriguing connection is that the word comes from the Latin term pinea, and that translates to pinecone in English. Not only is it considered the Third Eye by many, many ancient cultures, the Vatican houses a huge bronze pinecone sculpture at the Vatican Court of the Pinecone. There are also Egyptian hieroglyphics inscribed on the pinecone pedestals.

Pine Cone Court - VaticanCredit: By User:Lalupa (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Needless to surmise, the related church mysteries got my attention. I was groomed as a Roman/Irish Catholic and never in my Catholic upbringing was I made privy to some of the incredible rich symbols from the ancients that are a part of the church. The closest I have come is;  reading and or taking workshops with for instance the author of The Gospel of the Beloved Companion,  studying the works of other interesting seekers  (Cynthia Bourgeault, Elaine Pagels, Edgar Cayce, Rudolph Steiner, Thomas Keating etc.). There are many wonderful authors of works revealing more about ancient secrets and societies, but none have put them all together like Wilcock. That's why I consider this work a bible. Just the chapter on the pineal gland and the third eye and the science behind the beliefs is enough to whet one's appetite for more.

I recall reading about the third eye when I was in high school, and never doubting that I had one! 2012 could usher in a pineal gland activation. However, it wasn't until I read this work that I  realized the pinecone symbology. The pineal gland resembles a pinecone. It is a very small gland located directly between the right and left brain hemispheres. There are 100 - 300 microcrystals per cubic millimeter floating about, mainly made of the mineral calcite, inside the gland.   Who knew we had crystals, microcrystals, within our pineal gland? This get more intriguing as the science shows. The human body has the  highest fluoride concentration in the pineal gland, and the question now is whether our addition of fluoride (to our tap water, toothpaste, etc.) is interfering with pineal function or not. This is remarkable because of the current debates in many towns as to whether the addition of fluoride to the water should continue.    

Wilcock also writes about the science about the relationship with the retina and the pineal gland. It has to do with our body's recognition and complex processing of external light, and more. Even though more research is needed the takeaway is that, Nature is in constant telepathic communication - through a field that is clearly not electromagnetic. (pg. 67)

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Russian Pyramids  
First off, there are pyramids all over planet earth, not just the ones in Egypt. I discovered this when I first visited Peru (2000), yes there are pyramids there, too. Before I was referred to this book I had been researching the Bosnian pyramids.  There has been much controversy about the discovery of these, and now in this link, more has been revealed. That is another key to what is going on during 2012, more is being revealed.

Pyramid power has been researched with documented results by many top scientists. In 1990 a Russian scientist, Dr. Alexander Golod, began building large pyramids in Russia and the Ukraine. Since then, over 50 have been constructed with most of them in Russia and the Ukraine. To understand the why of this re-creation is to want an answer to the question, Why would so many different cultures independently get the same idea to build structures using techniques that may well surpass our own level of technology?  (pg 143)

The many different scientific experiments within pyramids have had to do with medicine, ecology, physics, agriculture, and seemingly miraculous healing powers especially with premature babies. Once again, who knew? I have wondered about the vast cover-ups or repression of powerful healing solutions that are ours for the asking, and the nasty drug company reputations for killing discoverers of these free energies. I do believe that light is being shed now, on all the secrets that have been in front of us, just waiting to be noticed, we just have to tune in. Throughout the book Wilcock associates the  suppression of scientific evidence. It is not about that, but he does answer why John Q. Public hasn't had a clue about some of these more enormous discoveries.

There is so much more in this wonderful book, that I can only touch base on the few topics that highlighted my reading experience. The last is the subject of our DNA and that it can be rearranged. This is partly what is happening with the speed up in our evolutionary rite. I leave you with another bit of science from the book. "In 2000, NOAA scientist Dr. David Busbee discovered something truly astonishing. 'It became very obvious to us that every human chromosome in the dolphin . . . We've found that the dolphin genome and the human genome basically are the same. It's just that there's a few chromosomal rearrangements that have changed the way the genetic material is put together.'" pg 197-8