Hot tubs are similar to spas in that it has built-in jets that are ready to provide relaxation, warmth and a massage-effect on a person's muscles and joints. Both the spa, as well as the hot tub, is used for socialization and therapeutic reasons. The basic difference lies in the material. Hot tubs are usually made out of wood such as redwood, cypress, teak, cedar or a composite. A small hot tub will usually measure approximately 3-4 feet high and will have a diameter of approximately 5 feet. This hot tub will hold about 500 gallons of water. If you wish to go with a larger hot tub, then it would be about 4-5 feet high and will have a diameter of 6 feet. Most spas and hot tubs will have to be wired and it is advisable to obtain an electrician to do this job.

A spa cover is usually made of a superior design as well as materials that will make it endure for a long time. They should have a very strong hinge support, tough cover straps as well as handles. Some spa covers will come with a warranty. Most spa covers are designed to seal in moisture as well as heat so that you will be able to save money on your energy bill. Usually spa covers come in beautiful designer covers.

Very simply, a spa cover is used to cover your spa when it is not in use. There are many different kinds of spa covers. Is the new trend in spa covers to go green? You do not have to use a rigid foam as insulation for your spa cover. What are the main advantages of this? First of all the spa covers that are not made of the above material would last much longer. Usually what tends to happen to the foam in the typical spa cover is that the foam either gets so saturated that you are unable to lift it and, too, the foam may end up cracking.

Once you have gotten the specific size and shape of the cover that you will need you will have to decide whether you want a loose fitting covering that sits on top of the tub or you may want to have something that is more thick and durable. The only drawback to this kind of cover is that it may get to be so heavy that you may have to have a mechanical lift when both removing and putting it back on your spa.

Many people who are looking to get a spa cover have either small children and/or pets in the house so they are typically looking for a cover that can withstand the weight of approximately two people on top of it. These hard covers prevent many pollutants as well as debris from getting into the tub. This may possibly lead to getting the water filters clogged. Many lids that are composed of hard tops have layers of insulation in them so it not only keeps in the heat but it will keep out the cold.

All spa covers today are tapered so that snow, rain and ice will easily run off. The thickness of the foam determines the load capacity. There are tradeoffs with everything, though. If you live in a part of the country that has a heavy snow load then you will need a heavy cover. If you have a spa that is at deck level and there may be occasions where people will walk on it then you must have a 5" x 4" spa cover.

There are many places where you can buy spa covers. If you have a store that sells only spas and accessories then this may be the way to go. You can also look on the Internet. Just do a Google search to discover many places that offer spa covers. Don't forget Ebay and Amazon.

Prices for spa covers will range anywhere from $150 to $500. It all depends upon the kind you are getting.