A corner toilet is especially designed for bathrooms that do not have enough space. Much like a wall hung toilet, this type can also help in saving space. This is a most common reason why people consider getting themselves such a toilet instead of the standard toilet. It is actually eye catching and attention grabbing because of its odd shape. The specially shaped water tank is designed to fit in the corner of your bathroom, and though it's smaller and more compact than the usual toilets, it doesn't mean that it has less functionality. This toilet works just like any other toilet that you usually see in typical bathrooms.

If you are planning to get a corner toilet, you can choose an American Standard corner toilet or an Eljer corner toilet. You won't regret it if you choose one the toilets. Just to give you an idea about why, both brands are among the leading manufacturers of bath and kitchen products in the market. They can provide a wide range of choices with high quality when it comes to these lines of product. They manufacture for both residential and commercial markets. Through their years of experience, you can never go wrong with these brands.

These toilets are also available with dual flush technology. This technology features two button flush system. Each of the buttons has their own purpose. If a specific button is pressed, depending on the designation, it flushes a certain amount of water. In this case you will be able to choose the button that releases a small amount of water for liquid waste or the one that releases more water for solid waste. This will help you in terms of cost in the long run and save water.

Assuming that you already chosen a brand to go with, you can then choose what kind of material would best compliment to your bathroom. You can get a stainless steel corner toilet, or you can go with the standard porcelain. They are also available in different colors and shades, and the corner toilet tank comes in many sizes and volumes.

The space available in your bathroom should be the next thing to consider. The corner toilet dimensions should match to the space that where you plan to install it, obviously, but there should also be plenty of room in front of it so you can use it comfortably. As soon as you already have the perfect corner unit of your choosing, it's more practical to have the installation done by a professional. Though it's not really necessary, you have to evaluate if you will be able to do it without damaging the toilet or the wall. Of course, another thing to consider in getting a corner toilet or perhaps almost anything that needs to be bought is the cost. Assess you budget carefully and go for the one that perfectly fits your budget as well as your small bathroom.