Its All About the Details!

If you love entertaining and  want to show people your sense of style and attention to details, then open your home to them during the holidays. Impress your guests with few special touches that will make your party memorable.

First, decide what type of food you want to serve and whether it’s a full meal, or houerdeurves . Second, decide on the types of drinks you will serve and the party theme. The party theme is for decor purposes . Whether it’s a color theme, or just candles. You can never have too many candles!  Next, decide on electronic evites or hand written invitations. Both are acceptable. In this new digital era, handwritten correspondence is becoming rare and a thing of the past. The good thing it's becoming more special and appreciated  when received. So mix it up. For small gatherings  do hand written invitations, large gatherings do electronic invites. Thank you notes should be hand written. Sometimes I get a “thank you” for the thank you note because they appreciate you opted for a hand written note that took extra time out for them, instead of an electronic thank you sent in bulk.  But, electronic is very acceptable and should be done if you just don’t have the time to write a thank you note.

 The Essentials

Serve a signature cocktail. Set up a drink, desert and food station. You can keep them separate or combine the food and deserts. Decorate the stations with candles and the theme decorations. Set the Dessert station with assortment of beautiful desserts with one larger signature dessert. Stagger the heights of the dessert stands for nicer display.

  • Add  fruit or a novelty to embellish your drinks such as cranberries, oranges, flower petal or a small candy cane.
  • Dim the lights. Soft white light bulbs give a nice warm glow instead of flourescent
  • Holiday music should be mixed with other music, it does’nt have to be 100% holiday music.
  • Light a candle in the guest bathroom. That way guests don’t turn on a bright light. It keeps the ambience and is pleasant when the guests walk in the bathroom. A nice bowl of mints is a nice gesture alongside individual fabric hand cloths neatly stacked and a small basket for soiled cloths. (Providing you have the space) If not, opt for the candle and mints.
  • Always decorate the day before and leave the minor details to the day of.  This is much more stress free.
  • Keeping your candles all the same color is more uniform and can tie into your theme. You can mix real candles with battery operated candles as well. (if you don't like to keep buying candles, then opt for the battery or LED candles. Mixing them with the real candles is hardly noticeable)
  • Bringing the hostess a small gift isn’t expected, but is thoughtful and appreciated.  A bottle of wine, small flower bouquet or scented candle is always nice.


When your guests arrive, greet them in the entry with a pretty serving tray of champagne glasses half filled, or small shot glasses with your favorite liquor. This takes the edge off and relaxes the guests. This is especially good when there is a mixed crowd and guests don’t know each other. It breaks the tension and helps relax the guest. You can even have a small candle on the tray for a special touch.

The Special Touches Make Your Party Memorable

The Special Touches makes a party memorable