When we stop looking for or perceiving faults in others or ourselves and instead seek only love, joy floods our every living moment. A Course in Miracles (ACIM) states that the Holy Spirit brings you opportunities each day to remember your true greatness and identity as a child of God. There are no "good" or "bad," "right" or "wrong" experiences – these are personal judgments that your perception of the world has created and which vary greatly from person to person.

Be relentless in seeking the miracle in every event, opportunity and person that is brought to you. Christ's presence is often revealed to us in the most unexpected occurrences and through his most seemingly insignificant children. ACIM maintains that God speaks to us through our brothers and sisters, even though they may be unaware of their 'special' communication. Unless you forgive what you believe others have done to you, you cannot recognize these miraculous messages or the bearer's true identity as a child of God. Listen to your heart and the blessed gift that each person provides will be revealed to you. Whenever an 'unwelcome' circumstance, person or situation presents itself; learn to forgive your negative perception and instead welcome the learning that is being offered to you.

Practice forgiveness and meditate upon the light and stillness within you, to 'hear' the voice of God. ACIM maintains that as little as five minutes of meditation in the morning and again in the evening enables this 'hearing.' Meditation enables you to rise above illusory fear and guilt that keeps the mind trapped in an endless painful repetition cycle. These negative emotions sustain the belief in differences and ego, involving you in an endless struggle-a fight within a self-maintained illusion to obtain what is already owned but not recognized.

Practicing forgiveness assists you to quiet the ego's negative rumblings; to receive love & realize that God is everywhere at all times. Practice forgiveness & realize that love is all there is. Realize you don't need to seek Heaven in some future time or place. Practicing forgiveness will remove the blinders from your eyes, enabling you to see the wonder of heaven all around you in this very moment.

There is no order of difficulty among miracles - none is harder than the other - and they all occur naturally when you express love, as all expressions of love are equally powerful. Every expression of love offers a miracle to both the giver and the recipient. Through forgiveness, allow joy and miracles to unfold in your life today.