The Spotlight On Celebrity Marketing

Every celebrity is an entrepreneur, and some are better than others.   It’s up to the celebrity to find ways to promote themselves. In between acting and singing gigs, the Olsen Twins, Jessica Simpson and Gwen Stefani have carved out secondary careers in the apparel business.  Multi-million dollar boxer George Foreman made a successful foray into a cooking kingdom and Super Model Kathy Ireland built a houseware empire.  All of these celebrities found opportunities to build further success. Celebrities are always looking for partnerships, and those partnerships can be bartered, borrowed and sold.  That is good news for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to hook up with a celebrity.

If you've thought about celebrity marketing, you already know a celebrity endorsement can increase sales and build excitement for your brand. If you are still on the fence about celebrity marketing, consider a few simple facts:

Many retailers thinking about carrying your merchandise view celebrity marketing efforts positively because celebs help drive sales and bring consumers to their stores. So one of the first questions a retailer asks is “what celebrities are using your product”? 

If your business doesn’t have the funds to advertise, celebrity marketing via barter or trade, can give you an advertising presence.

The American public has an insatiable appetite for anything celebrity related. People Magazine caught the fashion world’s attention when readership climbed to over 3 million, US Weekly came in second at 2 million.  These kinds of reach and impressions are very expensive as paid advertising. In essence, if your product lands in the hands of a celebrity and they are seen with your merchandise, you’ve just received some “free” advertising. 

Also consider, some celebrity driven internet websites reach almost 4 million unique visitors, so consumers are one click away from a sale.    Kim Kardashian has 10.2 million Twitter followers so just imagine getting your product into her hands!  Kim and her internet connections could be your best friend towards distributing content quickly and connecting with customers.

You need a celebrity with built-in media interest, and a celebrity with interest in your product.   Ralph Waldo Emerson penned the famous words, “Hitch your wagon to a star” about 150 years ago, and the saying still holds true when it comes to working with celebrities.  

Where to start?  Some research is key.  For example, pick up any celebrity weekly magazine and you’ll see photos of Taylor Swift, Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.  If your product appeals to the teen market, search out what stars teens are following.   Appealing to the Y and Z generation can be very lucrative. 

The bottom line is celebrities are real people, in spite of the mega salaries they command and the lifestyles they lead.  Like real people, they are complimented to receive something for free or have the chance to borrow, or barter instead of buy.  After all, who wouldn’t like a closet you can dip into when you need something?