The Spread Site

Gather Income from Multiple Keywords

Within niche/affiliate marketing you find that most people will create the “one-keyword” site. This setup is fine and dandy, but you could be creating a lot more work for yourself by doing this. Imagine creating a niche site that draws in quite a bit of traffic; let’s say about 1000 new visitors per month. This site usually will contain 30 pages of quality content with Adsense sprinkled throughout. It will also possess a nice domain name with the keyword planted appropriately. But this only is optimized for one keyword. Are you getting the most out of your hard work? Maybe. But in most cases no.


You could either create 100 of these niche sites over time or you could create, what I call, the Spread Site. The Spread Site is designed to integrate many related keywords over time. The site would begin with one general keyword that has a high potential for monthly earnings, but be able to branch out into other keywords that directly relate to the main keyword. What happens is that you not only receive the traffic and income from the main keyword, but every single keyword you integrate thereafter.


Now, to make this scenario solid, you’ll need to first search out a main keyword that is general enough to cover a wide array of topics, doesn’t consist of much competition, and boasts a lot of traffic. You’ll then need to find at least 100 other keywords with these same traits to gain their proper earnings per month. With these 100+ keywords you are now ready to build your Spread Site.


What I would begin to do is build your Spread Site around your main keyword. This keyword is general enough to cover everything else, so it’s kind of like an umbrella for the rest of your keywords. Build your site around this keyword with at least 30 quality content pages. Give it time. Put a lot of effort into this.

Now go about backlinking and creating a normal niche site like you normally would. Once you’re at the number one spot for your main keyword in Google, you can begin to insert each of your other keywords.


Each keyword you use, following the main keyword, you’ll want to write a few articles on. Within these articles you should place your keywords accordingly and backlink suitably to gain the number one spot with each of these keywords.

Your main keyword will be the most difficult. Every keyword following will become easier and easier to place at the top of Google. Google will begin to trust your site as time goes on. This may take months to do, but in the end it’s well worth it.


The results of this method of niche site marketing will allow you to create a much larger site than you’re used to. You’ll create a site that spreads over many keywords and allows for tons more traffic, tons more authority, and tons more income. You will gather much of that main keyword’s profits. And you won’t have to focus on 100 sites; you’ll only focus on 100 keywords for one site: the Spread Site.