Several variations of the spy pen exist and today we want to focus on the most popular version, the spy pen video camera or camcorder as it is also know. Its important you understand what you are getting for your money and as such we intend to break down the product and show you exactly what it contains and what your money is buying.

The first and most obvious thing we can point out is that your spy pen will come in two sections. The first is simply the pen section. Nothing amazing or special to say here it is what it is, we have all seen a pen. Apart from having a significantly smaller ink cartridge there is nothing special to report about this.

The top section is where the good stuff happens and where our interest really lies. Normally it will be next to impossible for you to access this section but we decided to crack ours open for the hell of it.

Opening up the case the first thing we noticed was the bulky battery unit. This took up roughly a third of the available space. The power supply doesn't interest us overly much so we will be quick to move on, its worth noting however that the average life span of a battery will be between 2 to 4 hours if constantly recording.

The next component we got our mitts on was the DVR chip and memory unit. This particular spy pen only has a 2gb memory unit, as it was cheaper for the purpose and ripping it to pieces. The DVR or Digital Video Recorder is the part of the spy pen responsible for recording your footage and saving it in a format that is easily accessible via a whole range of different devices.

Putting this to one side we were surprisingly only left with one component more, a small lens that we could barely see. It was connected to our DVR player by only 2 small wires and was aligned with a small pinhole at the top of the camera.

This type of camera is designed to work at low LUX. LUX is the level of light needed to produce a image. All pinhole cameras are designed this way as viewing though a pinhole greatly reduces the light intake of the lens.

You may be surprised to find out that that's it, the entirety of your spy pen video camera. Every component accounted for, to be honest there really is no more room to anything else. We tried to reassemble ours and ended up giving up as we couldn't get it all back in without breaking or trapping the thin delicate wires. We took ours apart so you don't have to.