SAD Alley

It's somewhat difficult to present any specific list or combination of foods that we can point our finger to and say "...this is the Standard American Diet...".
It can be more accurately explained though, by describing the average American.
The average American is a very busy person who's life is dictated by pleasure and convenience, hence the popularity of fast food and the plethora of flavors and packages
that it comes in.
In a nutshell, our busy, busy schedule drives us to seek out foods that are fast and convenient, ex: prepackaged and fast foods.
Because our busy lifestyle is motivated by our desire to acquire all the pleasures that life has to offer, for ourselves and our families, we have developed an insatiable appetite for
Following this quirk of human nature are the massive corporate companies that produce
products to scratch our itch. These companies spend millions of dollars developing foods that fit this criteria …developed in chemistry labs!
Convenience + Flavor + Chemistry = S.A.D.
Obviously the subject is much more complicated and involved than what has been presented here, the result of which is basically the lifestyle choices we make,
culminating in a very S.A.D. diet indeed.

The "Standard American Diet (and quickly becoming the Standard World Diet) is the result of We the people refusing to be accountable and responsible for producing the very thing that keeps us healthy and happy (after God) – Our Food.
Gone is the local economy which produced and manufactured 95% of everything we needed with respect to, and in accordance with the laws of nature, with the well being of our fellow man in mind.
Over the last 100 years or so, We the people have allowed big business
i.e.: Corporations and bureaucracies, to usurp this responsibility from us.
This in and of itself might very well be tolerable, if those usurpers had our welfare in mind, but as we all know they don't.
The love of money rules.
Because of our neglect, our very own food supply has become so utterly polluted we have created a whole new industry – Healthcare.
Just as the auto industry actually created a whole economy that depended and thrived on poorly designed products, we now see a booming healthcare industry to maintain a malnourished nation. Again, this in and of itself might be tolerable if they had our health in mind, but we know from a bureaucratic point of view, that the bottom-line is not health, but rather money.
This dramatic shift in our culture is not only stealing all our money,
but it is stealing our health.

This mass destruction of our body's digestive system did not happen over night, but is rather the result of generations of people eating empty processed, and in many cases toxic foods. Two examples of this toxic ecology, would be the epidemic explosion of Alzheimer's disease, Autism and other related diseases. Our only hope of turning this around is for We the people to take responsibility, and regain control of what we put into our body.
Anyone who's ever bought a house that was a "fixer upper" can tell you there are 3 steps to making it useful again:
Clean it up
Fix it up
Keep it up
The house we walk around in is no different.

Cleanse- eliminate bad choices and detoxify the body
Restore- make healthy food choices, regain control of things that affect our health
Nourish- to make the previous 2 steps a permanent life style change,
not a momentary option or a temporary fix, so the body can heal itself.