The StarCraft 2 single player campaign guide will show you how to get started in the single player mode. Wings of Liberty has three new missions for the single player mode. Blizzard Entertainment has developed guides to help you achieve the best success ranking possible and has upgraded the technology so that you can learn to play quickly. Any remaining system bugs seem to have been reconfigured and well worked through and now the game is working well for all involved.

As you complete missions you will be earning credits that you can use to spend in the single player campaign. This is just one of the technological upgrades you'll find in the game. You can spend credits in the basic or the advanced formats. You can spend your credits on the buildings you need, the infantry, or the specialized vehicles you need for transport. Every item is then allotted to upgrades. For instance if you want to provide a basic upgrade for your marines you will be upgrading them to stimpacks.

The advanced upgrade available for the marines is combat shields. Naturally, the lower the upgrade the less expensive it will be while the advanced upgrades will cost much more.You also have the option of using your credits to hire mercenaries. The Hyperion cantina has mercenary agents where you would make this sort of spend. As you progress through the campaign you will find that you will have a wider availability when it comes to mercenary groups. In order to call upon your hired mercenaries in later missions you simply make sure you create the mercenary compound. Any previously hired mercenaries can be found there. You can not use them consistently but you can bring them out three or times per battle. Each mercenary comes with its own health points and damage points value. If you're looking for the immediate mercenary purchase you can do this through the use of your mercenary compound.

You have the "Welcome to the Jungle," "The Dig," and "Whispers of Doom" missions in the single player campaign. The StarCraft 2 single player campaign guide can explain each mission thoroughly. For instance, if you play "Welcome to the Jungle" you will be looking to find the planet that can provide harvesting of the terrazine gas. You will start with just enough of your necessary forces, including the SCV which will be used to collect the harvested gas. You will have to watch for the Protoss forces as you get your gas back. The Protoss are very good at finding the geysers and making sure that they have been securely capped. You need to return with 7 tanks filled with gas in order to win the mission.

Each of the missions will provide you with a new opportunity to develop skills and learn more about the game. For each mission it is wise to consult with your StarCraft 2 single player campaign guide in order to be sure you know what it is that you're supposed to be looking for and completing. That way, you'll know exactly how to win the mission and move onto the next mission.