Steam is the largest distribution platform for online games, it is run by the renowned company, Valve. A few times a year, Steam hosts a massive sale in which most of their games go on sale, during the sale, something could get featured and get a larger discount. The experienced PC gamers wait for these sales to come around before they go on a spending spree. This article is dedicated to information about Steam sales, and what you should do when one comes up.


        The Steam sales usually take place during certain times of the year, they are as follows:


        Summer Sale

This usually takes place sometime early July, and lasts for about 11 days.


        Autumn Sale

The fall sale is fairly new to the platform, though in the past has taken place in November.


        Holiday Sale

Comes sometime in late December, has 14 days expanse.

The Rules

        In order to make sure you save the maximum amount of money while purchasing games from Steam, make sure you follow the rules. In the Steam sale, there are three types of deals; big sales, flash sales, and community choices. Big sales feature games chosen by Steam, and usually offer a large discount on an item, and last for 48 hours each. Flash sales work the same way, but less are featured, and they only last for 8 hours. A community choice sale is chosen by the community, three games are offered up in a vote, and the highest percentage is put on a larger sale for 8 hours.



1) Unless an item is featured on a big sale, community choice, or flash sale, DO NOT buy it until the last day.

2) Try to check the deals once every eight hours if you can, just to make sure you don't miss anything. Try to control yourself and do not buy a item on sale unless it is featured with a larger sale.

3) Large bundles are, for the most part, safe to buy at any time. It is unlikely that they will be featured.

4) The last day of the sale is known as "Encore Day", in which they feature the games that did the best on the features. Feel free to buy any game you want on the last day, there will be no further big sales.

5) In the case that you miss a featured sale, still DO NOT buy it until the last day, it could come back up on the Encore, in a flash sale, community choice, or big sale.

6) You can use the wish list system to keep track of games you want, if an item on your wish list is featured, you will be notified by E-mail.

7) If you're not sure if you'll actually play the game or not, just buy it as a gift! You can redeem it later, or trade it with friends. It doesn't do any harm in the long run.



        If you follow these rules, you will do just fine with the sale. If you see a game 50% off, it's a good deal, though you'll regret it when you see it 75% off.