Over the years there have been many amazing games created and put out in the gaming industry. In fact, there usually five to ten new titles put out each month over a number of different systems. However, there has been one game series which has stood out over the past decade which will go down in history as one of the highest rated, most purchased and best game series's of all time. The purpose of this article is to inform readers about the all time best game series known as Halo.

When Halo: Combat Evolved was released back in 2001 on the original Xbox, it was the most popular title on the system selling over one million copies in its first year. In fact, the original Halo went on to sell over five million copies over the next five years, selling more than half of the total Xbox game titles sold. Although at the time, there were no online capabilities, that didn't stop gamers from creating local area networks and playing multi-player matches. Actually, it's my belief that Halo was one of the determining factors of creating Xbox Live.

Following the release of Combat Evolved, Halo 2 was released with slightly better graphics and added features. Around the time of Halo 2's release, Microsoft also released Xbox Live, eliminating the need for LAN parties and allowing player matches online. Not only did Halo raise the bar for new game releases, it also helped usher in a new era of gaming. Following all of these new advances was the release of the Xbox 360 and the release of Halo 3, which took design, graphics and game play to an all new level. Not only did the Xbox 360 have the best in graphical display and processing speed, but it was all high definition.

In addition to the first three Halo games, there were two in between releases before the final release in the Halo Saga, Halo Reach. These two titles were known as Halo Wars and Halo ODST, neither of which directly tied into the original story line. Whereas the rest of the Halo titles were first person shooter, Halo Wars was designed around a strategy game, similar to that of games such as Command and Conquer or Warcraft. Halo ODST, put you in the role of an ODST rookie who was on a mission in Africa, which actually takes place on planet earth. The final release in the Halo series, Reach, brought player to the events prior to the actual Halo story line, it also amped up the multi player to new heights with armor additions and skills.

To summarize this article into a few brief sentences, the Halo series ushered in a new era of gaming and raised the bar for games to come. Not only has Halo had the best successful and profitable game series ever, it was also the best designed and developed game series of all time. Although the original creators of Halo have sold the series and moved on to new projects, don't count Halo out just yet, there may very well be more titles to come in the future.