5 Simple Tips on How to Maintain a Happy and Motivated Workforce

A successful company is a company with successful leaders and workers; although many organisations have not yet realised the importance of motivated staff; this will play an important role in the accomplishment of the corporation’s objectives and vision. So why are there so many sectors that do not pay attention to the enthusiasm of their workforce? Why so many businesses do not apply the incentive needed to keep a happy staff?   The reality is that many organisations have continued using old management styles without taking into account the workforce and their biggest challenge to keep on running in the long term will be finding qualified staff, people with the knowledge and skills to maintain the business profitable; staff turnover is one of the reasons why so many small companies go bust; when they leave, they take with them the knowledge on how the business runs and what needs to be done.

Employee retention and employee turnover should be a key activity managed by the human resources team or in the case of small companies by the owners or managers; this is one of the biggest problems that many corporations in developed countries such as United States and United Kingdom are facing nowadays; the innumerable career opportunities available in the market, make it even harder to retain your best staff.

At the moment, the main reasons for people leaving or staying in the company are mainly centred in emotional grounds; therefore motivational behaviour should be implemented across the company: autonomy, flexibility, training and support are just a few of the many ways to attract and retain the best of the workforce.  Our main tips are:


1)    Flexible working: Employees prefer to arrange their own working hours; many companies are happy with this arrangement as long as the work gets done. Productivity levels in many corporations have showed a boost with this approach.


2)    Opportunities to Develop: Career development opportunities will always be on the mind of highly motivated and focused workers. This is a key benefit that should be provided in any company to motivate and engage the staff.


3)    Financial Incentive: Salary is one of the main motivational factors in the workplace; a slightly better than average salary for key staff has always been used in many organisations; the problem is when other people at the same level realised that there is a difference. Spot bonuses, performance bonuses, share scheme plans should be part of your human resources policy.


4)    Respect to Employees and Open Door Policy: Approachable managers with an open door policy culture will motivate staff to do their work; the trust built by this kind of relationship will also be an important factor to control staff turnover. The acknowledgement of the unique skills sets that employees have should also be part of the organisation culture; as well as a respectful feedback when things do not go according to plan.


5)    Mission, Vision, Objectives and Targets: Explaining the big picture to the staff will reinforce the bonding and loyalty between corporation and workforce. Measurable goals and targets will also boost the confidence and satisfaction of the employees, especially if they are linked to a good rewarding scheme.