As the public becomes increasingly more appearance aware, we have witnessed a rise in the need for deodorants for men. You go to the dressing closet of almost every gentleman today, and you are confident to find a deodorant can: substantiation for the reality that the guy in question uses these products. This is in immense different to the situation just a few decades back, when simply the men who were 'fussy' about themselves - or men who had very serious smell problems - used deodorants.

At the moment, the deodorant is pretty much a regular accessory for the man.

A number of factors can be seen as being the cause of this rising attractiveness for men's deodorants.

One is obviously, as mentioned, the fact that our society is becoming ever more image conscious. And a person's appearance, in this new order, is not just judged by how they look or how they dress - but also by other much more subtle parameters: like how they talk or how they smell (which is where the deodorant comes in handy).

Endorsements by various celebrities and influential male opinion leaders have come in useful in making the deodorants for men highly popular. These people, in subtle ways, have gone on to popularize the view that it is okay for a man to use a deodorant, and that in fact not using one is an indication of being a person 'with issues:' who doesn't care about how they look to others.

Majority deodorants for men, as indeed all kinds of deodorants are alcohol-based; although in the recent days we have witnessed the rise of other types of formulations. Most classic formulations are designed to overwhelm the appalling odor formed when sweat ferments (which it has to do, to various extents, when it comes into contact with bacteria on the skin). There are other kinds of men's deodorants, however, that seem to deal with the body odor dilemma right at its root - by, for example, including ingredients that have the effect of killing off the bacteria, whose reaction on the sweat is what causes the odor. There are others that go even further, to endeavor to end perspiration in the first place, these being what are called antiperspirants.

There are deodorants for men for all prices, so that save for the desperately poor men, virtually anyone with an interest to use them can get one they can pay. The high-end men's deodorants, those that cost quite a bit, are taken as status symbols of sorts.