The Summer Infant Rite-Temp Baby Bath Tub



Soap Dish

Removable Water Cup

Temperature Strip

Comfortable For You and Your Child



Lacks Self Cleansing System

Feels A Little Cheap

Full Review

Having an effective infant bath tub for your child can really save you hassle of finding the right medium for those bath times! The Summer Infant Rite Temp Baby Bathtub is an effective solution for those fun bath times with your baby, especially with the convenience it provides the both of you. These features of a bathtub bring you the needed comfort amenities that will make the bathing experience a whole lot different than what you expect it to be. Here are some highlights in order to review the efficiency of the bath tub.

One of the features of this convenient bath tub model is the ergonomic design that gives your child that comfort while you give him or her a bath. This makes the whole experience relaxing and enjoying for the both of you: something you can really enjoy with this bath tub. Design is always important on the list of prospective bath tubs. It is responsible for comfort and as a result, functionality. With a sleek design, you won't worry about the comfort of your child, because the special curved design takes that into account.

Next in line is the color change temperature strip conveniently present in the bath tub. This indicator will allow you to determine the temperature of the tub to keep your baby safe. You never know when the water can get too hot for your baby. What you should always keep in mind is that babies are sensitive to temperature. The indicator allows you to get a clear reading on the water temperature so that your baby doesn't get hurt. Your baby's safety is first priority, remember!

Moreover, the removable water cup present allows you the convenience of rinsing and soap storage that will make the whole bathing process a whole lot easier. Also, netting is present in the baby bath tub that will keep everything in order and in place. These safety and convenience functions ultimately provide the Summer Infant Rite-Temp Baby Bath Tub the needed features that ensure your baby's comfort and security while taking a bath.

The features present in this bath tub produce both an innovative and a secure means of keeping your baby safe while he or she is given a bath. You no longer have to worry about the problems faced by bath tubs such as hot water or the inconvenience of having a place to store your soap. With the Summer Infant Rite-Temp Baby Bath Tub, you can clearly enjoy giving your child a bath as much as he or she enjoys having one. The affordable price at around $22.00 gives you what you exactly need.

The Summer Infant Rite-Temp Baby Bath Tub is your key to a convenient and safe bath tub for your baby. Whenever you're giving him or her that needed bath, the features present ensure a safe yet fun time to enjoy the bath time moments. At the affordable price, you can be sure that this bath tub will make your child's bath time an enjoyable moment.

In Closing