The benefits of a healthy diet can never be understated. Humans need adequate nutrition not just to survive, but thrive, and fight off preventable diseases. For optimal health, a weekly food intake includes a generous portion of fibrous vegetables and antioxidant-rich fruits, including maqui berries. Native to the rainforests of Chile and Argentina, the super fruit is bursting with flavonoids and other detoxifying agents, even more powerful than the Acai berry.

Flavonoids, a group of antioxidant compounds, have long been documented to fight against certain cancers and help individuals with diabetes. Diabetic patients often suffer from secondary complications, including blindness and kidney failure. Flavonoids, such as those found in maqui berries, help to keep small blood vessels intact, so both eyes and organs are well supplied. Studies conducted on patients who consume flavonoids on a daily basis show a correlation between better heart health and lower cancer risk. Additional research is being conducted to pinpoint exact amounts minimally needed.

Although the actual process is complex, in general the compound promotes stamina and concentration, the ability to get through the day with vigor, mental focus and energy. Thus, maqui berries also act as weight loss stimulants, because those who regularly have more energy and focus are also burning off more calories and making smarter decisions. In addition, the desire to snack indiscriminately during the day is diminished. Consumers have also reported feeling less stress once incorporating the super fruit into their meals.

It is never too late to change unhealthy eating habits, but the earlier you start, the better off you will be. Young men, for example, who regularly ingest carotenoids found in vegetables, stave off prostate cancer at a greater rate than men who do not eat tomatoes, broccoli or carrots. Since all men are susceptible to prostate cancer, adding a variety of vegetables to the weekly menu seems a small adjustment to make.

One does not have to travel to Chile or Argentina to bring home a few of the famous evergreens. Freeze-dried whole maqui berries are sold online. In addition, a variety of supplemental products is available, featuring the antioxidant-rich fruit in powder, liquid or pill form. Sizes vary, depending on the manufacturer.