suzuki intruder
Credit: Tim Labute

Model Info


Suzuki began the Intruder motorcycle line up in 1985 as an entry to the cruiser world and to compete with the likes of Honda and the more popular American made cruisers.

The model was eventually discontinued and succeeded by the new Boulevard line of bikes in 2005, but its twenty year run saw bikes with engines ranging from 400cc, all the way on to 1500cc.

Like their competition, the Intruder came with lots of chrome and standard color options, though many were ordered in black. An assortment of other options included wind sheilds, saddle bags.

Breaks and Suspension

Like it's competition, the Intruder featured a "soft tail" meaning it had rear suspension. Suzuki accomplished this with a standard swing arm, dual spring arrangement. Up front, standard suspension forks were used.

The bike always featured a front disc brake usually on the right side of the front wheel, though some model years saw this reverse to the left side.

The rear brake has been a negative factor in the bikes history as many claim the drum is simply inadequate.

intruder bobber
Credit: Tim Labute

My Intruder

Personal opinions and all...

I write this article as the owner of the Intruder in above image. It is a 2004 VS800 and it was my first bike.

Not finding this cruisers looks to be aggressive enough, I began to remove things like the rear seat, highway bars/pegs, saddle bags, most of the rear fender, and almost all of the lights.

I have replaced the seat and handle bars and added LED lighting in most locations.

The bike is very comfortable and extremely easy to ride. Most folks do not attempt an 800cc for the trainer bike but this one is very forgiving and not overly fast with its mid-13 second quarter mile time from the factory.

The bike feels stable and safe at most speeds though it can get front light while cornering at higher speeds.

Having owned one, I believe Suzuki makes an excellent motorcycle and will see my business again.