Swab drug tests are representative of modern scientific innovation. Additionally, this method has become the method of choice for many persons including parents, employers and prospective employers in testing members of staff, recruits and children for drug use. This is due to the fact that swab testing is a highly reliable and quick method of testing for drug use by an individual.

There are several types of oral fluids that are present in the human mouth. Thus, it is important to note that swab testing often referred to as “saliva testing” as it relates to testing human oral fluids refers to the most abundant form of oral fluid in the human mouth – saliva. However, it represents the testing of several different oral fluids that are present in the human mouth. These fluids may be retrieved from the mouth in either of two ways; either by spitting or by swabbing the mouth. Swab tests are remarkably reliable as they provide quick results that are contaminant free, fast and most importantly accurate results.

Swab tests may be taken in a medical facility such as a hospital or a clinic. When the test is administered in such a surrounding medical swabs are used to collect the oral samples. This is done by a medical professional such as a nurse who takes saliva samples from the patient’s cheeks, lower gum and from underneath the tongue while keeping the medical swab there for a few minutes. The swab is then sent for testing for the presence of drugs. In cases where tests are done by non-professionals such as an employer or concerned parent, a drug testing kit is used. The device that is used to collect samples looks like a home pregnancy testing kit. The kit contains an absorbent strip that is enclosed in a plastic casing. The swab is utilized in the same was as it would be by a nurse or any other medical professional when collecting the sample. During the process of absorption, a coloured line will float higher or gradually appear. Importantly, when reading a testing kit one line or more indicates the presence of different types of drugs. Consequently, when there are multiple drug forms present each drug type is represented by a different colour. However, if there is no line presentno drug has been detected. In the case of electronic versions a positive test for a targeted narcotic element is shown by an electronic message.

Many swab testing kits are used to detect elements that are referred to as “parent drugs” such as amphetamines, cocaine and opiates. Swab tests do not show whether a particular drug is present or absent from an individual’s system such as heroine but only the presence of the “parent drug.”

Again, swab testing kits represents a cost-effective, quick means of detecting several forms of drugs and are easy to administer and the results are easy to read. Moreover, the fact that samples are collected “on the spot” reduces the chance that a test may be switched, diluted or tampered with in some way.  However, this test only provides accurate readings for drugs taken between 24-48 hours prior to the test being administered. Importantly, these tests do not test for common drugs such as alcohol.


Passing The Swab Drug Test


Mouth swab drug tests are becoming more prevalent as pre-employment drug screening increases. This is a cause for concern for drug users who face the risk of losing their jobs or not being hired due to their drug use. This has led to the formulation of certain tricks and tips which are used in an effort to pass mouth swab drug tests. Some of these are outlined below.

Obviously the first way to pass mouth swab drug tests is to abstain from taking drugs. If you are not on drugs you will have nothing to fear from a mouth swab drug testbecause you will test negative for drug use. Drug users who know the limitations of mouth swab drug tests often use this to their advantage. They know that this test can only detect drug use for most drugs up to one day after use and three days for others, so they will opt to refrain from drug use for a few days in order to avoid detection.

It is also said that drug users should eat a meal high in fat one hour before the drug test as this will help to accelerate the time taken for drugs to be carried from the mouth to be digested. It is not recommended however that eating patterns be changed right before the test as this may be an obvious clue that someone may be trying to cheat the test. Chewing on ice is also said to help avoid a positive drug finding as it helps to keep the mouth fresh.

It is recommended that people who are facing mouth swab drug tests stay away from foods containing poppy seeds as they may elicit a false positive drug finding. This is due to the fact that opium is made from poppy seeds and therefore may appear as a positive finding for opium usage. Altoid mints are also said to help mask the presence ofchemicals in the mouth and prevent a positive reading.

There are some mouthwashes available which purports to be able to mask drug use but these are usually very expensive and there is no real proof of their efficacy. Instead of spending on these products it is easier to simply brush your teeth and gargle as usual before your mouth swab drug test in order to improve your chances of passing the test.

The fact is the only fool proof method to pass any drug test is to stay off drugs. None of the other supposed methods can guarantee one hundred percent efficiency in preventing a positive drug finding for people who use drugs and are tested with the mouth swab drug test.

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