Honey is used for many things, to bake with, baste chicken and vegetables with, put on toast or place in tea. The ideas and recipes can be endless. Pastries and bakery items can be upgraded with the delicate refined flavoring of this sticky delicacy.  And adding blueberries to an already sweet treat just sweetens the flavor of one of natures finest and purest of sweeteners.

The creation of blueberry honey is as basic a recipe as one can find, but it is important to have the finest ingredients to make the flavor and the product last. Most manufactured flavored honey is made in mass production and then distributed throughout the United States. Local growers sometimes manufacture flavored honey as well, but finding a local grower who does might not be so easy. Roadside produce stands are typically the best place to find this product on a local level. On a national level fine eateries and little specialty food shops are great places to find blueberry honey. The recipe to make this is relatively easy and can be made at home. On a small scale recipe, it can be made by taking one cup of clover local fresh or store bought.  Bring it to a boil over medium heat. It is recommended to be mindful not to scald it and watch for over cooking. The next step is to add one cup of fresh blueberries that have been washed and add them to the honey and cook over low heat for an additional 2 minutes. The final step is to take the mixture off the stove and allow it to cool for hours. The longer the time the blueberries have to stew in the honey, the stronger the flavor will be.

Another amazing bit of information is that some blueberry honey can come from a special bee known as the Southeastern Blueberry Bee. This bee has a primary focus on the pollination of the blueberry bush. It is a native species whose range extends along the eastern seaboard from southern Pennsylvania to northern Florida. There is only one generation per year. They look similar to a bumble-bee, however they are smaller in size. Blueberry Honey is distinctively light and sweet in flavor, with a buttery-sweet note. It is visually a rich and sturdy medium amber, with earthy components.

In the case of off season blueberries, they should be chosen with a name brand that is trusted being mindful to steer clear of foreign blueberries from unknown sources. Off season blueberries can be less flavorful, bland or mushy. Flavor is important; therefore it is recommended that a good blend of sweet and tart blueberries be used as they make for the best overall flavoring. Most people are unaware that honey in and of itself has a very long shelf life. In fact it never goes bad. It may crystallize or change shade or consistency, but honey does not traditionally go bad. It has no expiration date. This however, is not the case with the much more perishable blueberries. So once the batch is made or store bought, than it is advisable to keep it refrigerated. It should last quite a while if refrigerated.

It is not recommended to use frozen blueberries if making blueberry honey. Frozen blueberries have water and ice particles that will thin out the honey and lessen the flavor. The best storage container is a glass container. Using a plastic container can create a distinct taste of plastic flavoring. This can especially be the case if the honey is warm when placed in the container. The heated blueberry and honey mixture will cause some of the plastic to seep into the honey.

Traditionally many homemade recipes that call for the use of regular honey can be spiced up with the use of blueberry honey. When shopping caution is advised as manufactured blueberry honey may simply consist of blueberry flavoring and may be more non perishable. It is important to check the labels to see if the product is blueberry flavored honey or blueberry honey with real blueberries. The ingredients list should disclose this. Real blueberry honey has a much more profound flavor and is a darker richer color from the blueberry skins. Homemade real blueberry honey is also healthier than just blueberry flavored honey as real blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and are one of the best fruits for overall health on the market today. Blueberry honey is a great flavorful treat that when made or bought fresh will not be forgotten from the food connoisseurs at the dining establishment or the dinner table.