Christmas Symbols

Simply put, Christmas is a day that is celebrated to honor the birth of Christ. However, it has greatly lost it's true meaning over time! The idea and theory of Christmas have become quite controversial. However, the bottom line is that Christmas is derived from the story of Christs birth. It has a deeper meaning then gifts and Santa. The symbols of Christmas also hold special value that many may be unaware of.


When we think of Christmas we think of Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, candles, bells, stars, and many other iconic symbols that all together represent Christmas as whole. These beautiful symbols of Christmas actually have great meanings of there own. Meanings that intertwine to tell the often unforgotten story and importance of Christmas.

Christmas EvergreenThe Christmas Tree

The Evergreen tree sustains it's beautiful color year round. This consistency represents everlasting light, life, and hope. The needles on the Evergreen also point heavenward, this is said to serve as a reminder of where mankind's thoughts should be.


Christmas WreathThe Wreath

The Christmas wreath holds the shape of a circle with no beginning and no end, this is said to represent eternity. The wreath symbolizes the eternal value of love. Like the tree the Evergreen used to make the wreath represents hope and new life.

Christmas Holly

The Holly

Holy symbolizes immortality. It represents the crown of thorns that Christ was made to wear. The red berries represent the blood that was shed. Holly, like the Evergreen, stays green all year long once again representing hope and new life.


Christmas Star

The Star

The Christmas star represents the star of Bethlehem which led the Three Wise Men to Baby Jesus. It also symbolizes light and shining hope.



The Angel

The Greek meaning of angel is messenger. It is said that on the night Jesus was born Angels appeared before the Shepherds bringing the message of the birth of Christ. Many more angels appeared, praising the Lord and singing the words Glory to god in the highest, and on earth peace, good will to men, words we now know as part of a very popular Christmas song. In addition the wings of an angel represent purity, innocence, and virtue.

Christmas Bells

The Bell

The Bell symbolizes guidance and return, God used it to gather his lost sheep. The ringing of bells also symbolizes notification of important occasions and messages.


The Candle

Christmas Candle

Candles at Christmas symbolize the Lords light upon the world. Christmas candles are also said to represent the reflective light of the stars, including the star of Bethlehem.

The Christmas Gift

The giving of gifts came from the Three Wise Men who were the first to offer gifts to Baby Jesus. The giving of gifts is also said to symbolize God's love for the world, for he gave the world the greatest gift of all- his begotten son.


Christmas BowThe Gift Bow

The gift bow on Christmas gifts symbolizes unity. It represents the notion of mankind being tied together through goodwill.

The Candy Cane

Candy Canes

The candy canes shape represents that of the shepherd's crook, which was used to bring back lost lamb. Just as the shepherd watches over his sheep, Jesus watches over his children. Some also believe that it's rock-like texture represents the foundation of the church!


The Color Red

Red, the first color of Christmas, represents the blood shed for the gift of eternal life.

The Color Green

Green, the second color of Christmas, represents hope and new life.

Understanding what the above objects represent allows us to remember the importance of Christmas. We can share the true meaning of Christmas with our children so that they too can have a deeper understanding of Christmas and it's symbols. Even if you are not religious, it is quite interesting to hear what these objects are said to represent. Hopefully, the story of how Christmas came to be will never be forgotten. Sharing the true meaning behind Christmas and it's various symbols helps us focus on what is most important: giving, sharing, and loving!


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