This is part 6 of The System of Racism and White Supremacy. Parts 1-5 are available if you missed them.

The following is a compilation of the author’s personal insights on the subject. It is only the perspective of the author and is not intended to engender emotional responses or arguments about this issue. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you agree with the information presented and then, if applicable, take responsibility for your part in it. Perhaps together we can eradicate this blight, once and for all, from our collective psyche.

Let’s focus our attention now on sex and white supremacy. The first most powerfully motivating force on the planet is the system of white supremacy itself. Sex is the second most powerfully motivating force on the planet among people when they’re reasonably fed and even when they’re half fed. People are thinking about sex, directly or indirectly, wherever they happen to be. You might say in the “animalistic kingdom”, that’s kind of basic. Birds and bees instinctively perform the acts that will allow for the reproduction of the species, so everything is geared toward that objective. Under the system of white supremacy, the white supremacists know they must control the sexual activities of their victims to make them easier to dominate.

racism sexism

Like any great deceiver, their technique is to suggest that heterosexual relations are passe and they commenced to scrambling the mating practices of their victims by encouraging homosexuality and lesbianism. To make things even more interesting, beastiality is promoted. After all, the white supremacists reason, we’re all human being and this is just fun and games. These “alternative” forms of sex have become increasingly popular in the last 30-40 years in the Northwestern Hemisphere, and has now spread to other parts of the world. When practiced among non-whites it becomes another form of genocide because two men can’t procreate, neither can two women.

Participation Is Key...To a Point

It also should be noted that white supremacists enjoy participating, up to a point, in a great deal of these activities which then legitimizes it in the minds of their victims. For example, there are many stories where Native American chiefs were met with by white men to sign treaties or conduct other forms of business. In the course of this, the white man and the chief would engage in drinking alcohol. The white man would only drink so much while the chief, encouraged by his guest and not conditioned to the alcohol’s effects, would continue drinking until he became inebriated. The white man’s objective was not to get drunk himself, but to get his victim drunk. So too, in the area of sex, white supremacists use the same technique. They know what they’re doing and they definitely have an agenda.

racism 7

At some point, the white supremacists begin to ease out of the side door similar to the previous example give of the Native American chief who sits down with the white man. As the chief becomes more intoxicated, the white man eases up on his alcohol intake, exits the scene, and sit back to observe the chaos that was put into operation. He already has control. All he has to do is set off enough confusion for the people following his ideas. His victims will think they invented the activities they’re involved in if they participate in it for any length of time, like Black people are prone to do. For example, Black people think they invented drive-by shooting. What were people shooting before there was an automobile? There was a time in our history when it was illegal for Black people to own a gun. So, what was the drive-by and who invented it? Perhaps, they had drive-by canoes, I don’t know. But that’s the scenario and in the realm of sex, it’s one of the monumental sources of confusion.

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Confusion Between the Sexes

Another source of confusion is any type of hostility that can be caused between Black males and Black females.  Here again, follow the logic. What does the logic teach us? What does the evidence show? It shows that Black males and Black females can hook up very easily, and they do in great numbers. But as soon as they hook up, the poison spreads. What is the chief element in the poison? Almost in every case, no matter how many volumes of books are written on the subject, it seems almost everyone is missing the most important aspect that’s somewhat obvious if you follow the logic.

That is, one or both persons in a so-called relationship between Black males and Black females usually winds up saying, “I didn’t know”. If that’s the first thing the person says when they’re really dissatisfied with whatever comes to the surface, a counter-question of why didn’t they know must be asked. They didn’t know because not enough questions were asked and answered before they made it to the bedroom and engaged in sexual activity for the first time. There’s lots of talk going on but their conversations rarely include in depth, informed discussions about one another’s history. That’s where all the problems begin.

black love

Usually, the standard 5 to maybe a maximum of 20 or 30 questions are asked over a period of a few months but seldom are answered adequately. They run along the lines of, “What’s your name? Where do you work? Are you married? How much money do you make? Do you have any kids? What kind of car do you drive?, etc. That’s not enough questions. There should be a minimum of 200 question with some of them being average, like the questions above, but most of them should be pretty rough and intrusive. Both persons, should ask and answer every last one of those questions before they come anywhere near a bedroom. For example, “Is there anyone looking for you? Are you on parole? Are you on drugs? Have you ever had any type of disease? Have you ever had sexual intercourse with a white person? How many times? When? Where? Under what circumstances?”.

Every detail should be given. Anyone you’re lying in bed with for the purpose of sex should know the answers to these inquiries beforehand. There should be absolutely nothing that you don’t know about that person and should be part of the new counter-racist code for Black people. It will dispel a whole lot of poison and misunderstanding that culminates in a person saying, “I didn’t know you were like that. I didn’t know you would get angry about that. I didn’t know you liked to spend money like that...” These questions should have been asked and answered long before they made it to the bedroom. This filters over into friendships and it’s how the relationship should start. A healthy relationship should evolve from a logical friendship otherwise it won’t sustain itself because it’s built on lack of knowledge and fantasy.

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