This is part 7 of The System of Racism and White Supremacy. Parts 1-6 are available if you missed them.

The following is a compilation of the author’s personal insights on the subject. It is only the perspective of the author and is not intended to engender emotional responses or arguments about this issue. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you agree with the information presented and then, if applicable, take responsibility for your part in it. Perhaps together we can eradicate this blight, once and for all, from our collective psyche.

At this point, I feel the need to emphasize readers follow the logic. Don’t follow what I’ve written or what anyone else says about this subject because people make too many mistakes. In the universe there’s a thing called logic. That is, deciding on the best possible action to take and deciding on the best possible thing to say, in every instance. It’s the only way to counter racism because the modus operandi of racists is to try and convince their victims to do everything that’s illogical, and most of us have conformed to that process very well. Many of us have no rhyme or reason for doing anything. If you ask us, “Why are you doing this?”, we might give some vague answer that it’s just something to do and the racists love it. They know as long as they have us in that frame of mind, they’ve got us.

Another point I’d like to emphasize is that the terms racism and white supremacy are one in the same. Racism is white supremacy and white supremacy is racism. There’s no point in being a member of a race. Black people are not members of a race and never have been, instead, we were told this untruth. By whom? The usual suspects, the white supremacists. They do the categorizing and they’ve categorized people in every way imaginable. Most Black people throughout the entire planet are Brown or dark brown skinned, even in Central Africa. This can be tested by observing the physical characteristics of Black Africans living in the Congo and looking at the texture of their hair, if they’re reasonably young and not gray haired. Then, look at the Congolese person’s forehead and you’ll see there’s a contrast. There are very few truly Black people left on the planet no thanks to the white supremacists.

ban racism forever

Brown Power

Why is this important? Because there are people who have demonstrated on the West Coast of America advocating “Brown Power”. What sense does that make when most Black people are brown? The physical characteristics of Black people cover the entire spectrum from the deepest, darkest ebony to light, bright, and damned near white. They’re all shades of Black. But the white supremacists have gone around trying to create so many different last minute racial classifications they’ve almost confused themselves, which is what a master confuser is not supposed to do.


They’re actually getting themselves in hot water because the cost of business in this system of white supremacy and racism has gone up. The one thing that they must not confuse is the classifications. When they started this system they classified people as white, black and mulatto. Now, when you look at the list of classifications and names, there’s categories such as Pacific Islander. What color is a Pacific Islander? Is that a race? It doesn’t make sense and racists know that it doesn’t make sense.  But they’ll promote it so that the victims will react true to form by picking up that classification and running with it to the wrong goal post without knowing what the game is about.

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An Objective Conclusion

In conclusion and in the interest of full disclosure, this entire series is a culmination of my experience as a non-white person living in America. It was not something that was easy for me to write. I had to exorcise a lot of inner demons before coming close to being objective regarding this subject matter. Nevertheless, what was presented is the system of racism and white supremacy as I've seen and experienced it in all its malicious glory. It’s not a fairytale I made up, it’s real, it’s venomous, and it’s deadly.  

After reading my thoughts on this contentious subject, some may consider myself to be anti-racist. I won't give those who might believe this the satisfaction of denying or affirming their belief. In a desperate attempt to defend themselves, some Europeans equate anti-racist with being anti-white. They have the absurd belief that they are the oppressed minority while non-whites are the ones with all the privileges. Anyone who speaks up about racial subordination is labled as hating white people and they're accused of calling for the annihilation of the entire white race. I'm sure this paranoid fantasy of mythological proportions is something they revel in just to make themselves feel better and sleep well at night, because anyone with an ounce of brain power and common sense knows the opposite is true. 

racism is taught

Not all white people are racists but every white person has benefited and will continue to benefit from this system as long as it’s in place. Personally, there were a couple of white people who admitted as much to me verbally, while the majority of those I questioned are vehemently in complete denial. They’re not alone. Untold millions of melanated people in the U.S. and billions worldwide are unaware of the type of world system they’re operating under. White supremacists have done a masterful job at keeping them blind to this fact.

The results speak for themselves, at least in the U.S.: An astronomical poverty rate, a murder rate that's off the charts, millions of non-white people in prison, many more without adequate housing, healthcare, and so on. Oh, and let's not forget a select few non-whites who are allowed to reach astronomical heights of success, fame, and power in order for racists to maintain the appearance of a non-racist society. In the meantime, the majority of whites in America and around the globe continue to sustain and maintain their wealth and power. Many have access to resources, out of reach to the average non-white person, that allow them to pass their legacies on to the next generation. Creating an unbalanced playing field was the game plan all along, and the beat goes on.

unbalanced scales

Observing the devastation that continues to occur in many non-white communities, looking back through history, and following the logic, I have to conclude that although not all white people are racists, they are all white supremacists. How did I come to that conclusion? I have to look at my experience and the system as a whole historically. You'll rarely find any Europeans who have been willing or are willing to give up their comforts provided by this system in order to see that the oppression of non-white people ends. They continue to promote it, whether they know it or not, because it works for them. As long as they continue to reap the benefits of this system, it will remain in place.

Until recently, not many have even been willing to do any soul-searching on this unbalanced paradigm. They don't believe there's a problem because their contention is the race problem will be solved if the non-whites will just get a job and stop being lazy. There's much more to it than supposed high moral standards and a decent work ethic. I personally know many people who have those traits (and then some!) but because of the way this society is structured gain few of the same opportunities as their white counterparts.

 In actuality, this whole issue of racism and white supremacy can be eliminated by whites who keep this beast in play. White people can prove me wrong by abolishing this system of injustice and replacing it with a system of justice in two ways: guaranteeing no one is mistreated and by guaranteeing that people who need the most help get the most help. This is a great beginning and will do much to counter the centuries-long abuse and tyranny non-white people have experienced at the hands of racists and white supremacists.