One of the finest ways to express yourself is to write. Very often when we get too emotionally involved we may not be able to convey what we wish in spoken words, but we may wax eloquent with the written word. Think about what all one has to write all through life. From boring leave applications to interesting stories for excuses. A love letter is perhaps the most worked on written copy ever, but there is a whole lot more to writing.

First you need to decide on your style of writing. This could be formal or casual and will largely depend on what it is that needs to be written. A press release is likely to be formal in tone and just deal with basic facts and act as a teaser. It helps to draw curious readers to the website that you are talking about. Similarly a blog post would not be written with too formal a tone. It would try to reach out to the reader by adding more colloquial language. After all it is written by one person for his loyal followers.

One of the most daunting tasks is to actually sit and create a book from scratch. Everyone has a good story to tell, the problem is always in telling it. Remember that Uncle at the wedding who kept murdering a good tale? Just as not everyone is blessed with great oratory powers, not everyone has the skill to tell a story well. Most writers try too hard to impress way too impress by adding too many details. They forget that the best stories are always the simplest ones. Creating best selling fiction is not tough, if you know what basic outlines to follow.

If you are a non fiction writer and need to do tons of research, you would know how long it takes to get a book in place. Maybe you would share a few tips here, or you may be looking for some tricks to save time when you write. If you are generating content for websites you would know that there is plenty of material that needs to be sifted through to get to the meat of the matter. You also need to have a discerning eye to see what you can use and what you must not touch.

If you are like me, you probably make a living from what you write. It could be blog posts, ebooks, reports, or even print media. All writing takes considerable effort. Most writers have systems that help them to get past the writing block that invariably strikes a new writer. It is these tips and tricks of writing quick and writing well that you will find in this section. Feel free to add your writing system here as well.