Southfork, the home of the Ewing Family

TV Series, Dallas, and the famous Southfork Ranch

History of the TV Series, Dallas

In April 1978 the TV series, 'Dallas' was broadcast. It was a story based at Southfork Ranch about the wealthy Ewing family who were involved in oil. The central character was J.R.Ewing, a devious, greedy and unscrupulous character played by Larry Hagman. Originally, it was intended that he would play only a support role and the main plot would centre around the characTV Series,Dallas, Characters(75002)Credit: screenrant.comter of his brother, Bobby, played by Patrick Duffy, and his new bride, Pam. As an evil and memorable character, JR soon became the focus for enthusiastic viewers. And so he was given a leading role.

The Story

The success of 'Dallas' was created by the inclusion of sex, struggles between and outside the family for power and constant dubious events. Everywhere there was evidence of high living and glamour.

The founder of Ewing Oil was Jock Ewing, the father of JR and Bobby. JR inherited his ruthless streak from Jock who had supposedly cheated his partner, Digger Barnes, out of his share of the business and the love of his life, Miss Ellie.

Sue Ellen, JR's wife became an important character. She became a heavy drinker, possibly caused by the offhand way she was treated by her husband, JR.

Series-End Cliffhangers

Each one of the thirteen series ended in a cliffhanger. There have certainly been some memorable ones that have left whole populations pondering possible outcomes and, of course, keeping them hanging on and desperate for the return of the next series.

Some of the Series-End Cliffhangers you may remember.

Season One

Sue Ellen's problem with alcohol results in a serious car crash. The baby she was carrying is saved but the identity of the father is unclear. The series ends with Sue Ellen's life in the balance.

Season Two

JR is shot whilst in his office late at night. As he has upset many people the viewers are left wondering who tried to murder him.

Season ThreeJR Ewing [Larry hagman]Credit:

A body, believed to be Pam, is discovered in the swimming pool and JR is seen looking down from a balcony.

Season Four

Sue Ellen has had an affair with Cliff Barnes, step brother of Pam, but has decided to return to JR. Cliff lies in a hospital bed from a suspected suicide attempt possibly as a result of JR trying to run Cliff's mother's company into bankruptcy. Sue Ellen decides she cannot return to JR if Cliff dies.

Season Five

Sue Ellen is injured in another car crash that is caused by one of JR's rivals. A fight starts inside Southfork, candles are knocked over and a fire engulfs the ranch. Sue Ellen is in bed, drunk, and their son, John Ross is also upstairs. A falling beam lands on JR and knocks him out. Again, viewers must wait for the next series!

Season Six

JR Ewing is as nasty as ever and continues to do devious and malicious acts. In the final episode of the season viewers see a potential assassin break into JR's office and fire three shots into the person sitting in JR's chair. It is Bobby Ewing who is shot. But, again, in true Dallas series style, the audience will have to wait until the next season to see if Bobby survives.

Season SevenJR Ewing and his TV wife, Sue EllenCredit:

Bobby has been divorced from Pam for two years but wants to re-marry her. A car speeds towards them, Bobby pushes Pam out of the way but he is fatally injured.

Season Eight

True to the high drama now expected in the Dallas series, a bomb explodes in JR's office. Pam wakes up in bed to hear the shower running. The person inside is Bobby.

The whole of Series Eight is revealed as a dream that Pam has had!

Season Nine

Pam discovers she can conceive after all but her car crashes on her way home from her doctor's. Again, viewers must wait until the next season to discover if she survives the crash with the truck.

Season Ten

Sue Ellen has a new man but he falls over the balcony of a penthouse. She believes JR is responsible and shoots him.

Season Eleven

Sue Ellen prepares to leave Southfork, Dallas for good but has made a film about her marriage to JR. Far from complementary it is a 'warts and all' film in which JR is portrayed as an evil and scSouthfork Ranch, the home of the Ewing FamilyCredit: pegasusnews.comheming oil baron. She threatens she will release the film if he ever crosses her again. She leaves in triumph.

Season Twelve

JR signs himself into a sanitarium to try to persuade a fellow patient to sign over her majority voting right in a large oil company.  He ends up trapped in the sanitarium with no means of escape.

Season Thirteen

JR loses Ewing Oil to Pam's stepbrother, Cliff. He loses control of Southfork to his brother, Bobby.His wife, Sue Ellen, and his children have left him. He is in crisis with the loss of all his powers. He wanders around the ranch with a gun in his hand. A gunshot is heard in JR's room and Bobby rushes into the room in horror. Viewers are still waiting to find out if JR was fatally injured!

The Return of The TV Series Dallas in the Summer 2012

In 2012 the TV Series Dallas returned to our screens and will continue the story of the Ewing family. The central characters will now be the grown-up son of JR and Sue Ellen, John Ross 111, and the adopted son of Bobby and Pam, Christopher. John Ross will be characterized in the image of his father, greedy and unscrupulous whilst Christopher will  focus on the running of Southfork Ranch. 

The Cast of The TV Series Dallas

There will be several of the original cast featuring in this ten-episode series. Bobby Ewing, JR Ewing and Sue Ellen, Lucy Ewing [ Charlene Tilton], Ray Krebbs, half-brother to Bobby and JR will be played by Steve Kanaly whilst Ken Kercheval will continue as Cliff Barnes. Bobby will have a new wife, Ann Ewing played by Brenda Strong of  Desperate Housewives fame.TV Series,Dallas, CharactersCredit:

The Setting of The TV Series Dallas

The pilot for the 2012 series was shot in and around the city of Dallas, Texas, and the other nine episodes are also being filmed in Dallas.

The Question is..........

What will be the cliffhanger at the end of Series Fourteen? Will JR be shot again? Will his son continue to be as evil as his father. If the next series is to mirror the previous thirteen series then the viewer will be treated to sex scandals, power struggles within and outside the family Ewing and a great deal of intrigue and evil.

I can't wait!