Takamine 50th Anniversary Edition G Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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With a solid sitka spruce top as a sound board and mahogany back and sides, the Takamine fifty anniversary G series acoustic electric is more than just another great guitar from Takamine, it is a commemorative and rather ornate one too. This is the first limited edition G series guitar in Takamine's fifty years of providing high quality guitars to the world for a very good price. These guitars are available in both cutaway and traditional dreadnought configurations; and are rather ornate for their fiftieth anniversary abalone vine inlay on the fret board.

With a mahogany body and sitka spruce top, this guitar will be loud, and notes will be more distinct and clear than a rosewood instrument.  Plugged in, however, and played on stage is where this instrument will most shine.  It is a beautiful steel string axe, and meant to be a stage instrument for a travelling musician. Some of the world's finest virtuoso acoustic players, men such as Brad Davis, are playing Takamine guitars on stage so as to keep that fine Martin D-28 or D-18 at home for use in the studio.  These Takamine instruments come with above and beyond the pale electronics which optimize their efficiency and utility on stage.

For only seven hundred dollars this instrument is an amazing value.  Many such high quality and high value Japanese instruments are available, but this one is more attractive than some others for its inlay present on the fret board and the pick guard. The Takamine 50th anniversary G series is a much more affordable and practical guitar than the Takamine 40th Anniversary guitar.   The 40th anniversary instrument is the kind of flat top one keeps at home, and the 50th anniversary six stringer one to use to play live in a club or on any stage anywhere.

This commemorative fortieth anniversary dreadnought comes ready to plug in, and with Takamine's fine electronics, which have a well deserved stellar reputation, you can't be left feeling like you've got anything but the best to work with.  The TP4T preamp system and the CP100 pickup are yours to use and play your magic for the crowds. The electronics on this guitar will bring out the best acoustic clarity possible.

Takamine 50th Anniversary "Growing Vine" inlay

Takamine 50th Anniversary “Growing Vine” inlay
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Takamine 50th Anniversary G Series Specifications

  • Gloss finish for radiant shine and beauty
  • Venetian style cutaway for access to upper frets
  • Dreadnought body design 
  • Solid sitka spruce sound board for volume and tonal clarity
  • Mahogany back and sides providing maximum tonal velocity
  • Mahogany neck
  • Scalloped X bracing 
  • Rosewood veneer peg head
  • Gold rosette
  • Growing vine inlay on pick guard and fret board
  • Gold peg head Takamine logo
  • Gold tuning machines
  • Standard one and eleven sixteenths neck width at nut
  • Rosewood fretboard with vine fret board inlay
  • Nickel silver frets with with black positioning markers on the side of the neck
  • CP100 pickup and TP4T pre-amp Q1BZ1

The design and themes of this guitar will never again be duplicated by Takamine.  Once these instruments go out of production they'll never be produced again. This is the first limited edition G series guitar Takamine has ever produced, and it may be the last one as well.  At just seven hundred dollars this guitar is everything one expects in a Japanese acoustic electric guitar, and exemplifies the high value of Japanese instruments.  This six string original would not just make a fine stage instrument, but is also bound to wind up a collectible instrument as well.  I've priced these guitars in used models on the web for as low as three hundred and fifty dollars, but those should only be purchased should one be comfortable with some scratches and scuffs from use in live music venues anywhere on this planet where musicians perform with fine instruments such as these.

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