Men, masculinity, fables and archetypes ensure to get people all stirred up. More specifically feminists. Either in sheer enthusiasm because the 'untouchables' get moved by something other than the usual stuff males get thrilled about (ie motorcars, babes and T-bone steaks); or otherwise in infuriation, mistrust and even aversion for it's for some not 'politically correct' enough ('politically correct' meaning: not within their clearly defined ideological boundaries.)
With those boundaries I mean that within the as yet difficult subject of the romantic endeavours between males and females, numerous feminists have problems with the new tales gaining ground amongst some adult males and numerous men's movements about contemporary parts for males.
The different waves of a growing awareness amongst women of the previous decades have systematically made cracks and dents in theories of patriarchy and have required a lot of central renewals in the way in which society treats females, and males. Without a shadow of a doubt, plenty still needs bettering. Glass ceilings still rule the bureau; and females still take on most of the tasks of making a home for hubby and the kids and educating the off-spring. Things have started moving. Nevertheless, it will take a long, long time to undo what has become inbuilt in the collective and individual minds in the time span of generations.
Confronted with the changes solicited and started by women, men too have had to improve their concepts of relationships, of themselves, and of their tasks. For those men who have taken an open attitude towards the changing era, a whole series of new liberties and privileges have become available. No longer limited to the money-making machine they were supposed to be, these men have discovered new ways of relating to everything, inclusive of themselves.
It is here where I think the true transformation can be found. It is in the ideas of self where the solution can be found. Not in the brain, nor in complicated stories of power and the abuse thereof. There's always a psychological aspect to power; and I think it's way more valuable to reveal these dynamics when one attemtps to comprehend a thing like misogynism than the mere superficial workings of it. What exactly drives the misogynist? The rapist? The wife-beater?
And here in enters this crucial key aspect of homo sapiens sapiens: the soul
... By the nature of soul, nothing that refers to it should ever be taken (too) literally. The soul is too wide, too deep, too divers to be trapped by words, let alone by the limited competencies of scientific reasoning. Any kind of literalism by anyone leads to fundamentalism.
But this is something where feminism and pro-feminism and the so-called mytho-poetic men's movement will not quickly find agreement on.
This mytho-poetic way of looking at life uses imagery, stories, poetry, myths to improve one's understanding of the tales we tend to tell ourselves. And it tends to make many a feminist livid, for many men have used this specific approach to recover 'lost ground' in the struggle between the genders, and glorify old school and outdated ways of 'being a man.' This time they do so with the pronounced power of old myths, which without a doubt get twisted, turned and abused for their own purposes.
The thing is: any tendency to take any story literally leads, by definition, to a fundamentalism of sorts. Using myths can only be done individually and subtly, for my interpretation of an picture will most likely differ from yours.
Anyone choosing a mytho-poetic style to find concrete, literal spines for his own 'choices-as-a-man' will be disappointed, for such are not the protocols of the game. A mytho-poetic approach (or one built on archetypal psychology challenges everybody to go inside ourselves, as deep as one can; prompted and guided by stories and/or metaphors that produce an attraction to your soul, your heart and find what rings true for you; to find the calling of your soul, free of interference from outside. I do beg your pardon, but this stormy track you'll have to walk on your own.
This direction, although tough and intricate, leads to people - men and women - who are uncovering ways to be truthful and loyal to their intimate being. This technique, if undertaken sincerely and mercilessly, leads to the essential blade into the heart of outdated ways.