Review for The Tank iPhone Case by Case-Mate

Buyers Beware The Tank Phone Case

Please read my review of "The Tank" iPhone case by Case-Mate below- it's the review I wish I read before purchasing it.

I realize that by the time I finally purchased an iPhone, I was way behind the eight ball. Nearly everyone I knew at work had one of these magical iPhones and raved about them constantly. Everyone also had the same iPhone cases, which was unimpressive. When I finally broke down and ordered my iPhone, I didn't like any of the cases that were available at the store. I went home and researched dozens of iPhone cases and finally found the one that I thought I would like the most. I found The Tank CaseMate iPhone case online and really thought I was in love. I went to the website and watched the video demo online. I observed how the case was not only strong, it also encased the iPhone entirely, which seemed like a good idea, considering the large investment I made in this new phone. I watched how a bowling ball was dropped on The Tank case, while the phone emerged unscathed. I read the website's claims of "military grade". I was impressed. In my line of work, a high quality iPhone case was mandatory. 

My favorite part of The Tank phone case was the way the screen protector was able to roll open and shut. This also afforded additional privacy for my iPhone screen to help keep it safe from prying eyes. I thought it was cool, and unique; so unlike the cases that everyone else seemed to have. Like any good consumer, I searched and searched for reviews for The Tank iPhone case and didn't find very much. The one or two reviews that I did find seemed to be associated with some type of benefit or sponsorship and didn't seem particularly unbiased to me. I assumed reviews were limited because it was a new phone case. However, as with most things, once I had my heart set on The Tank iPhone case, I was hooked and just had to have it. The day that The Tank arrived in the mail I was pretty excited. I ordered the black one, as it was nice and subdued.

I opened up the packaging and was a little surprised at the way The Tank phone case felt, the first time I handled it. It felt a bit cheap, almost junky, and so unlike what it looked like on the Internet. I actually joked to my husband that the packaging that The Tank iPhone case came in was built sturdier than The Tank case itself!

I put my iPhone in the case and it fit, but just barely. The reason for the excessively tight fit is that I had a clear screen protector already on my phone and I was insistent on leaving it on the phone for protection. The way I look at it, is if I happen to have the rolling screen protector door open and I drop or scratch my phone, there is no more protection for my screen. This was a fault of The Tank by Casemate. I wanted to make sure that my iPhone was protected from accidental drops, scratches and damage- and realized that the rolling screen protector may not always be closed (hence the whole "rolling thing"). After a few moments of fiddling, my iPhone was protected in its new case and looked pretty cool. I played with the slider on the back of the phone and while it didn't move quite as smoothly as it appeared to online, it did open and shut easily enough. I happily put it on my nightstand and looked forward to bringing it to work with me the following morning.

It wasn't until the 2nd day of use that the clip broke. I remembered that I had read online somewhere that The Tank iPhone cases have clips that break easily and I recalled the review stating that the folks at CaseMate quickly sent a replacement clip. What surprised me, as I held my broken phone case in my hand, was the small amount of tension that it took to break the clip. I had rotated in a chair, and the phone case bumped up against the side of the chair, snapping it off completely. I sulked, and brought the broken case home to my husband. He looked at it and informed me that he thought it was a piece of junk. Still in denial, I told him to wait and see until we receive a replacement. We received the replacement clip in a timely manner and I was happy to make another attempt at this phone case.

About a week later, I noticed that there was a small chip in the plastic near the corner of the phone. It is quite possible that I could have caused this chip from dropping the phone, however, that's the point of the phone case- to protect the phone. To be honest, I don't recall dropping my phone but I could have. A few days after that, I noticed that the chip was growing bigger and bigger and I had definitely not dropped the phone since initially discovering the chip. I attempted to tape the chip to discourage it from growing or spreading. Approximately 2 weeks after that, I was horrified to see that the right side of the frame that encompassed the screen had chipped off in a three-quarter inch chunk. I hid it from my husband, because I refused to admit that I really did buy a junky iPhone case. Before I knew it, the small crack ran all the way around the phone case, and the bottom half of the case was now hanging off my phone. The next day, the replacement clip broke! It was almost laughable. I realize that I have an active job and lifestyle, but I must state that I do not believe I did anything outside normal wear and tear on this phone case. In fact, the company advertises the Case-Mate Tank case as "military spec" and tough enough to handle outdoor environments and huge hits and drops. My treatment of the phone didn't even come close to the "testing specifications" that Case-Mate advertised.

Please don't waste your money on this case like I did, you will be sorely disappointed. I paid a small fortune for my iPhone case and it was a huge waste of money. As you can imagine, I ended up having to replace the phone case with another case that is a better-known brand name. I contacted Case-Mate to find out how to get a refund for the case, and I was told that because they had already sent a replacement clip to me, that they would not return or exchange anything else at this point. Lesson learned, and I hope my review helps others make a good purchasing decision when buying a case for your new iPhone.