Making Coffee Convenient

Comparing the Tassimo T-Disc to the Keurig K-Cup

The Tassimo T-Discs (and other single-cup coffee brewers like it) are poised to revolutionize coffee-drinking in America as we know it. Here's a quick look at this new product sweeping your supermarket shelves, why you should be benefiting by it, and how to choose among the many options and competitors.

Starbucks Discontinues Relationship with Tassimo T DiscsCredit: Amazon

I am a fan of coffee. And due to their omnipresence, I've become rather attracted to Starbucks. The other evening, while stopping in for my end-of-day white mocha, I mentioned to the barista how impatient some of her customer's had appeared to be. Throwing a quick glance around to make sure none were in earshot, she whispered, “You'd be amazed at how addicted some of these people are. Some of these customers we see four times a day.”

Wow. At $4 a latte, that has got to hurt the pocket-book.

The Tassimo T-Discs system is geared towards making excellent coffee (and other hot beverages) easily accessible. In a world where conventional drip coffee now takes “too long”, the Tassimo T-Discs are definitively easier


Why the Tassimo T-Disc is better

 No Mess

Built by Bosch, the Tassimo T-Disc is a prepackaged coffee pod. It is equipped with just enough coffee, hot chocolate, or tea for one cup. The Tassimo reads a little bar code printed on top of the T-Disc to identify the disc, and customize the water amount and temperature to the drink. (the bar code does mean that Tassimo coffee maker requires Tassimo T-Discs)

 For all of their excellent taste, coffee grounds are messy. The Tassimo T-Discs eliminate the mess – after your coffee is ready you simply throw out the used coffee pouch.


The Tassimo takes about one minute to prepare a hot drink. It can make as many drinks in a row as necessary.

 Toss your used Tassimo T-Disc in the trash. (or, they are recyclable if you wish!) Enjoy.


The Tassimo T-Disc seals the coffee in plastic, unlike many of the competing machines out there. This allows the Tassimo to maintain an added level of freshness in their coffees and creamer mixtures.

Tassimo Coffee MakerCredit: Amazon

 The Tassimo T-Disc system also allows “complex” drinks to be made.(it is currently the only automated system on the market with this feature) Some of their T-Discs come in 2- and 3-part systems, allowing, perhaps, a layer of frothed milk, followed by an espresso layer, topped with a rich layer of cream. All of the packages are well-marked, allowing even the laziest bachelor to wield his skills as a barista.


Starbucks Discontinues Tassimo T Discs

 One downside of the Tassimo, is the recent decrease in options among its Tassimo T-Discs. Formerly, they offered both Starbucks and Seattles Best coffee brands, allowing one to make high-end lattes right in their own homes. Due to an ending of an agreement with Kraft, the Starbucks and Seattles Best lines have been discontinued and the Tassimo T-Discs are now being more focused on the Gevalia brand.

However, in a deal inked with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in Early 2011, Starbucks will be making a reappearance for the Keurig in their K Cups line, beginning in the fall of 2011.  In 2012, Keurig K Cup brewers will begin to appear on the store shelves of Starbucks everywhere.  

Until then, dwindling supplies of the Starbucks Tassimo T Discs can still be purchased at several online retailers.

I have kept researching it and it appears that all of the available Starbucks product has been sold out.  Now, if you want Starbucks coffee in a pod you will have to switch to the Starbucks Keurig K-Cup


The entry-level Tassimo, the T20, runs right about $130. Tassimo T-Discs range from as low as $11 for 32 servings of Maxwell House brand, and on up to around $40 for 24 servings of the Starbucks brand. (there are still some on the market, currently).
 Thats a little more pricey than Folgers ground coffee. However, it's a lot less expensive than stopping for coffee on your way to work.
 To summarize, you need a Tassimo Coffee system because it is clean and easy. Who can't wait one minute each morning for a cup of coffee. Better yet, park one at your desk and let it start helping save money on your daily coffee costs.

Tassimo Versus the Keurig

 There are several Single-serve coffee makers on the market. Primarily, though, the Tassimo and the Keurig cover most of the market share.

 That raises the inevitable question – which one is better?


  • The Tassimo uses bar codes to read the Tassimo T-discs in order to be able to make multiple types of drinks.


  • The Keurig can really only make coffee and tea. Milk and creamer must be added later. Not necessarily a bad thing – just an extra step at the end.


  • The Tassimo and Keurig machines both have about the same price. The K cups also are about the same price as the Tassimo T-Discs. The Tassimo is made by Bosch, a well-known appliance manufacturer with a solid reputation


  • The Tassimo does allow the amount of coffee dispensed to be manually adjusted by pressing and holding the control button. The Keurig does not allow quite as much control on individual cups.


  • The Tassimo requires its propietary T-Disc.  The Keurig does allow the ability to run your own coffee through it.  (Of course, you can run your own coffee through your current coffe maker. These makers are suppose to be about convenience)


  • Many customers feel that if you are just looking for a cup of black coffee, the Keurig provides everything you need, and some feel it makes a better cup of regular drip coffee maker. The Keurig also presents a greater selection of coffees to choose from than the Tassimo T-Discs do, especially since the recent discontinuing of Starbucks and Seattle Best lines.

 The bottom line is that neither of these will replace a cup of freshly ground espresso. But if you are looking for an excellent cup of coffee that is both fast and economical, the Tassimo T-Disc can meet your needs.