The Taylor 710ce Rosewood, Spruce, Venetian Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Guitar With Burst Finish

Taylor 710ce Rosewood and Spuce

Dubbed as the gigging musician's all purpose guitar, this beauty sure has a lot to offer. This guitar of all solid wood, East Indian rosewood, and Englemann spruce top is an understated yet beautiful, slightly more affordable version of the Taylor 810. Taylor guitars, of course, are known for being of outstanding quality, and all original, being neither based on the designs of Gibson or Martin.

East Indian rosewood is the "go to" rosewood in today's guitar building for its availability, simple beauty, and deep, rich, dark tone.  It's color ranges from golden brown to a deep purple. Its grain is typically narrow and interlocked.  As with all rosewood, it is difficult to work with and shape into a guitar's body.  Rosewood, however, despite the cost of it, is forever a desired tonewood for guitarists.  Listening to music featuring steel string guitars one most often is hearing a rosewood body instrument.

Engelmann spruce is a domestic variety of spruce; sometimes it is called things like white spruce, German spruce; but it is neither of those, though similar.  Taylor guitars use Englemann spruce as the top wood for several series of instruments.  According to Taylor the wood has a richer midrange than does the more common sitka spruce, and so a new instrument off the shelf will sound like an older instrument which has been thoroughly broken in.

One of the very cool and more original ideas this particular guitar features is the rosette Taylor provides this six string beauty.  The rosette on the 700 series instruments is of koa wood.  Koa, of course, also makes a fine tonewood for bodies of instruments, and even tops too.

Taylor 710ce with Natural Finish

Taylor 710ce natural finish

Taylor instruments are always extremely cool for their terrific quality, their playability, and their unique Taylor sound.  Visually, the Taylor instrument is always its own guitar for its uniquely shaped bridge, it's head stock, it's pick guard, and the extreme attention to detail the people at Taylor guitars forever meticulously attend to.

As with all major Taylor instruments, the 710 is available with or without the Venetian cutaway, with or without electronics, and with or without the burst finish. My personal experience as a guy who loves to visit music stores and check out the inventory of fine guitars is that most Taylor guitars shipped to Guitar Centers and other retailers is most of them come with Taylor's terrific Taylor Expression System pre-amp and pickup.

Concerning Taylor's bolt on neck, don't be deceived by traditionalists, my friends. Dovetail necks and Mortise Tenon necks are terrific things, but there's nothing illegitimate about Taylor's bolt on necks.  The bolt on neck is less time consuming, and so allows these instruments to be sold for less than they otherwise would be.

The neck width at the nut for these guitars is one and three quarters inch.  Now this width is ever so slightly wider than is what is most commonly found on today's dreadnought guitars. Personally, I've owned and own guitars with the one and eleven sixteenths inch width neck at the nut, and the jump up to the one and three quarters inch neck isn't much of a jump.  I believe what is most comfortable for you is what is best for you, but if your hands and fingers are big enough or long enough, then this fatter neck and slightly greater string spacing may help you to more flawlessly strike your notes.  If you are accustomed to the more common one and eleven sixteenth inch at the nut neck width, don't fret! The more other neck width at the nut is available for all from Taylor from the factory if you should order it just that way.

On either end of the strings on these guitars, and all Taylor instruments are Tusq nut and saddle, these guitars are hot-rodded from the factory for optimum volume, sustain, and clarity. Taylor's unique forward shifted X bracing (not a copy of Martin's), of course, is something designed for the serious musician or passionate amateur to utilize and adore for a lifetime. For the best competitive comparison, one should also play the Martin D-28 cutaway electric.  Thanks for reading.

Very Nice Sound Demonstration of The Taylor 710