Bacon Technology

The internet. It loves gadgets, and it loves bacon. What happens when bacon and technology collide? Here are 4 WTF/Bizarre examples of Bacon+Technology combos.

Wacky inventions started popping up left, right, and center when this whole bacon crazy took flight, there are a lot of these disgusting, monstrous bacon fueled heart attacks-disguised-as-food previously published on InfoBarrel, and my god, it gave me a raging... inspiration.

I've found some pretty obsessive bacon-wrapped techno-gadgets, and I figured I might as well share my findings.

So, let's kick this thing off with everyone's favorite new toy - and wrap it in bacon:

The iPhone Bacon Case

I would be proud to stuff my iPhone into a pocket of greasy bacon, but I'm afraid it might damage something - so it's a good thing that this is made out of some sort of fabric, either wool or fleece.

Bacon iPhone Case

iphone Bacon cases

Next on the list, is... (get ready for it...)

The Bacon Fridge

Gee, what should we have for breakfast? Waffles? Nah, I don't know... how about some bacon? Sounds good, and with a bacon wrapped fridge, you'll either feel overjoyed or clutching at your heart in pain. I don't think I could handle such a disturbing reminder of how I'm going to die.

Bacon wrapped fridge

Wake up with a Bacon Alarm Clock

The Bacon Alarm Clock will wake you up with the sweet smell of sizzling bacon. No joke. Just put some bacon in it, it will cook and be ready when the alarm goes off. Ingenious, yet detrimental to your health.

Bacon alarm clock

Cooked Bacon alarm clock

Last but not least, my favorite:

The USB(acon)

The universal serial bacon will store some sweet savory memories, just to feed to your computer!

How awesome is that?


Hope you greasy fingered folks had an awesome time gathering all the cholesterol through your eyeballs!