Although all dogs have different temperaments regardless of their breed, black German Shepherds are well-known to generally have one of the best temperaments available when it comes to family dogs. From service dogs to family pets, this breed of dog is easy to love and extremely intelligent. The sleek and muscular, long-bodied canines thrive off the attention of their owners.

As with any breed, if the black German Shepherd puppy is not trained correctly or given the right amount of exercise, it may exhibit signs of hostility toward people or other pets. But, if trained well as a puppy, the black German Shepherd will generally be a well-behaved pet, loving towards other pets in the house and little kids. For the most part, any aggressive acts performed by a black German Shepherd are due to poor training.

Usually eager to greet their owner, black German Shepherds a cautious of strangers. Their instinct to protect overrides anything else when it kicks in. If it seemed that their owner was in trouble or needed help this very intelligent breed would go to the end of the world to try to help their owner. Black German Shepherds will attack when their natural instinct is triggered, and there is no holding back when they are protecting their owner, as long as they are concerned. Along these lines, if a black German Shepherd dog saw someone hurt their owner, the perpetrator had better watch out. This canine's loyalty is a strong characteristic of the breed.

Normally a very loveable dog with the unique qualities and a great temperament, black German Shepherds make a great addition to any family with younger children, because they will "adopt" the children as their own and be just as protective of the children as they are their master. Be careful of the "motherly" instinct, though. They might have the tendency to treat children as their own "puppies", grabbing the children by their arms with their mouth, but again with proper training, the dog will be wonderful to kids.

Their extreme intelligence will lead them to be bored and mischievous if left to their own accord, and not given the proper exercise for their high-strung needs. They require time outside to let their energy out just like the children. If a black German Shepherd is a part of a family, children can be a great way to help get the energy out of them. Send the kids and the dog out to the yard, and they'll wear each other out. On the contrary, if you leave the black German Shepherd unattended and alone for longer periods of time, their anxiety will build and they may tear something up.

In conclusion, the black German Shepherd dog's temperament can range, depending on their training, guidance, and the attention they receive. As any other living creature, black German Shepherd dogs have their good qualities and their bad qualities. Far succeeding are the good qualities than the bad, in this case. Perfect as a family dog, this breed will make a lifelong friend and companion.