Whose Line is it Anyway?
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Whose Line is it Anyway is one of the funniest shows on T.V.  If you haven't heard of it, the show is a game show where everything's made up and the points don't matter.  4 people in each episode play a series of improv games, making up everything as they go along.  Each episode is hosted by Drew Carey and stars Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady and another person, most commonly Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Chip Esten or Jeff Davis.  The show has caused many laughs, and I'm here to count down the top 10 funniest moments.  All clips are from youtube, so the quality may not be perfect, but the funny is there.  Before we start, watch the clips before reading about them, as it may ruin the jokes.  Anyways, without further ado, let's begin with number 10.

Leg Warmers

Three Headed Broadway Star

Three Headed Broadway Star is a game where three people must sing a song one word at a time.  In this case, Colin takes one word quite literally.  Most of the words he says in this are "You".  Yet somehow, with only one word, he manages to make it incredibly funny.  This was a very well done game on Colin's part.

Drew's Tape Recorder

Wayne's Prank

This isn't any particular game, but rather a thing that goes on throughout the entire episode.  Early on, Drew reveals his tape recorder, claiming he wants to not show up at all.  The recorder plays a very monotone Drew Carey saying, "One Thousand Points".  Later on, during a commercial break, Wayne changes the tape to something else.  Drew's reaction is priceless.


Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits is a game where Ryan and Colin try to sell a CD based on an audience suggestion.  In this one, they need to sell Songs of College.  The hilarious part comes at 1:22, where Ryan asks a question to which Colin replies "Tapioca."  For some reason, this gets to Ryan, and he is unable to continue for a few minutes due to laughter.  A prime example of Colin's comedic genious.

Mission Improbable

The Cat

This game was one of Colin and Ryan's best moments together.  The game is a spoof of Mission Impossible, with the two on a mission to do... the laundry?  What follows is 3 minutes of Ryan struggling to keep up with Colin as he keeps bringing new things into the scene, including an unfortunate cat.

Songs of Sci-Fi

Colin Dances

Another Greatest hits, where Colin decides to join the fun.  He and Wayne have a break dancing session, followed by a jitterbug.  The funniest parts are the ones between the dances.


Music Goes Wrong

Wayne must sing a spoof of YMCA, to a construction worker named Howard.  Note the spelling.  Also note how Wayne spells it.  Slight difference.  And then there's the tempo change, causing the song to go crazy.  Wayne struggles to keep up, and eventually the song just ends.  A good example of how funny it can be when things go wrong.


Bald Men Everywhere!

This one is just hilarious.  Colin stands in front of a greenscreen, acting as a newsreporter.  Trouble is, he doesn't know what's behind him.  It turns out it's... Colin.  Colin does a report on Colin, not knowing that the Colin behind him is the very same Colin as Colin is.  The best part is when Colin realizes that the Colin is in fact Colin Mochrie.

You Are My Sole

Drew Messes Up

Another Three Headed Broadway Star, where they must sing about shoes.  Whereas Colin had spoken only one word, Drew ended up taking a different direction.  The song goes downhill pretty fast for Drew, but it goes out hilariously.  After it's over, Drew is laughing so hard that he is unable to announce the commercial break, having Ryan do it for him.

Party Quirks

Carol Channing and Broken Glass

Party Quirks is a game where Ryan, Colin and Wayne must play a strange character and Kathy must guess who they are.  Wayne must talk faster to whom he is attracted to, Colin must be an angry french pig and Ryan is Carol Channig whose head keeps getting stuck to things.  Kathy guesses Wayne and Colin pretty quick, but takes some time to guess Ryan.  In that time, Ryan hits his head on Drew's desk, smashing the light.  Ryan does a good job staying in character, and everyone else does a good job laughing hysterically.

Irish Drinking Song


Drew is really bad at making up songs, Ryan is really good at mocking him, Wayne is great at laughing and Colin is awesome.  What do you do when a scene goes terribly wrong?  You watch Colin to find out.

Those are my 10 favorite moments from Whose Line is it Anyway.  Let me know if there was one that I missed, and I may post a follow up article.  Whose Line is a great show, catch it coming back on CW, July 16th.