It's a shame that the most important things people should be aware of about the world are also the types of things that naturally instill fear unto the learner. Understanding the true nature of reality is a long road and requires both Knowledge and Wisdom, but this is the only time in history where millions of people have such incredible ease of gaining said Knowledge literally at their fingertips. Ironically, it's also the only time in history where millions of people willfully refuse to expand their perception of reality, regardless of how easy it is compared to every generation before us since the beginning of time.

Up until the last few centuries, Knowledge of a fuller, truer reality was something that only the religious elite and tyrannical royals had access to, and still is to this day to a certain--yet significant--extent. Millions of people did not even have access to books for thousands of years simply because the author would have to manually re-write everything so much in order for everyone to read. Knowledge was kept by the Vatican and other high orders of power dating back to Ancient Egypt and even before that!

Nowadays in the first world countries, most people seem to assume that because life is relatively easy and we have such cool luxuries, that we must have it all figured out. We're done evolving now, we got all this sweet stuff, right? Wrong. The highest powers of the world still have a much LARGER  perception of the true nature of reality than any of us. The Vatican still holds secrets, the FBI still puts an average of about 20 million documents a year under "Top Secret", and empty suits in all levels of government are constantly being caught doing shady things. We are not done evolving mentally or spiritually yet. We are not living for the species or for the planet. We are instead devolving, and living for ourselves while destroying the planet and allowing evil, deceptive people to hinder everyone's perception of reality.

Patrick Henry Truth QuoteI don't encourage anyone to live in fear of things they may find out about religion, food, medicine, mind control or government. I do encourage people to expand their awareness and start living their lives closer to the true nature of reality though. Learning things that can potentially destroy your personal worldview is difficult, but its necessary and inevitable. I personally don't understand why it would be okay to live your one and only life ignoring reality under the assumption it just makes you live in fear. There's a difference between paranoia and awareness.

I would argue that anyone who willfully refuses to take advantage of the vast amounts of Knowledge out there that obviously would never be taught in schools or played on TV, is actually paranoid themselves; paranoid of the Truth. I also think that they are not only doing themselves a destructive disservice, but their future generations and fellow citizens as well. It's good to be aware. This is the process of mental and spiritual evolution.

I don't live in fear of governments, I live with love for humanity.
I don't look for conspiracies, I look for the Truth.
I'm not paranoid. I'm merely aware.
Perception requires plurality.
The most difficult obstacles are too much trust in false authority, and too much trust in false conspiracy theories.