Portable MP3 speakers allow you to play the tracks on your MP3 player out loud. Speakers that are designed to be portable are usually very compact, sometimes foldable and are light enough and small enough to carry in your pocket or in a bag. The music quality of these speakers is adequate for most people, but the smaller portable speakers are on the cheaper end of the market, their sound quality will lose its clarity when you turn the volume up load. So which are the best portable mp3 speakers? That will depend on your particular needs and desires, but one thing is clear - there are a score of great portable options for all needs and uses.

One one hand there is the Altec Lansing iM-237 Orbit ultra-portable speaker, which is in the shape of a small cylinder, small enough to fit into your pocket - a large-sized pocket anyhow. It is designed to accommodate all MP3 players, with compatibility with iPods as well as the ability to be used by music players that feature a 3.5 mm connector. The single up-firing neodymium driver offers a 360 degree sound patter that allows one to easily share their music with anyone in the local vicinity.

Another popular example of portable MP3 player speakers is the DB portable foldable speakers. These are compact speakers that fold into a convenient cube that can be easily carried, stored in a bag or accommodated in the pocket of your jacket. These battery-powered speakers can also be run by a computer using a USB cable, four AAA batteries or an AC Power Adapter (not included in the package). These speakers provide a reasonable level of sound quality with the convenience of being ultra-portable and may be the best portable speakers for you if you need something that is easy and convenient to carry around with you.

Perhaps the king of portability, however ae the iLuv iSP110 mp3 portable speakers that are, in fact embedded into a zipper case that can be easily carried around for you. These are ideal for iPod, iPhone and other portable MP3 players, delivering 8.2 watts of crystal-clear sound audio, they feature a hanging clip that can be snapped to your belt, or backpack with ease. While for some people, these will be the best portable MP3 speakers, in reality, there is no "best" portable speakers as everyone has unique needs and desires and what might be beneficial for one person, might not be what someone else is looking for. As with anything, you will need to shop around and compare models to find the portable speakers that are a good match with what you are looking for.