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Dave Beegle

Hailing from sleepy little Fort Collins, Colorado, Dave Beegle is a master guitarist and producer.  He first broke out on the local music scene in the late 1980s with his progressive rock band, the Fourth Estate that featured some world music flavor in a very rock and roll act. During his time as the lead guitarist of the Fourth Estate, Beegle became the first musician to ever record with a Transperformance Automatic Tuning Guitar, which has been used and promoted by guitar heavyweights like Jimmy Page and Joe Perry.

Although no longer recording with the Fourth Estate, Beegle’s newly released acoustic music is heavily influenced by his days with his former band.  Arrangements from Beegle’s solo work still have very much of a world flavor as he plays everything from Flamenco to a Bavarian/Eastern European style.  Despite this “worldliness,” Beegle’s acoustic work never loses sight of his rock and roll core that was perfected as a member of the Fourth Estate.  Beegle’s early acoustic work was performed without backing musicians, but now, in most of his current work and live shows, the extremely talented Dave Beegle Acoustic Band accompanies his every performance. 

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To this day Beegle still often plays live shows—both as a solo acoustic act and with his classic rock cover band called the Jurassicasters.  When not playing live, Beegle is a producer for local and national bands, and he loves give an occasional guitar lesson when he finds the time. 

His music is timeless, moving, and unfortunately has not reached much farther than the state of Colorado.  Beegle is truly a storyteller with his guitar; so if you have any love for instrumental guitar, do not pass up the man that Guitar Magazine has declared as a “one-man guitar army.” 

Some of Dave Beegle'smusic can be purchased on his website or downloaded from online retailers.  Much of his solo work and his work with the Fourth Estate is only available at his live shows.  Be sure to view some of his videos on YouTube to get a taste of his talent. 

Classic Dave Beegle Songs

  • Joy (an adaptation from Bach), from A Year Closer and the Fourth Estate
  • Mason Street Shuffle, from the Fourth Estate
  • Breaking Through the Clouds, from Beyond the Desert

Must Have Album

  • A Year Closer

Trace BundyCredit: Amazon.comTrace Bundy

Originally born in Minnesota, Trace Bundy moved to Colorado as a boy and still makes this Rocky Mountain state his permanent home.  He began playing the acoustic guitar without ever taking any lessons when he was about 11 years old.  Bundy soon became obsessed with why the guitar made certain sounds and why those sounds sounded good together (later he would find out that was called music theory).  He often could be found playing live at local venues through college, but Bundy never made music into anything more than just a passion. 

Eventually, Bundy pursued and obtained a master in civil engineering.  He soon afterwards become an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado, but upon the release of his third album, “Adapt,” Bundy left the world of academia and became a full-time touring musician. 

To fully experience the musically styling of Trace Bundy, one must see him live.  He does not use a guitar pick, which frees his hands to play truly complex music.  Bundy truly breaks the mold of the traditional guitarist.  His hands fly all over his guitar, and harmonics are seamlessly integrated into his music.  Capos are deftly thrown on and off his guitar, and he magically loops guitar riffs to create a truly wonderful one-man show.  When seeing him live, his endearing wit will draw you in, but what he does with the guitar will leave you astounded. 

Bundy independently produces and sells all of his music and has sold over 60,000 of his records.  He relentlessly tours around the country and world to spread his love of music, and can usually be found in many big cities in the US multiple times throughout the year.  Be sure to look Bundy up on YouTube, where his videos have gotten over 12 million views. 

Trace Bundy's music can be purchased on his website or downloaded from online retailers.

Classic Trace Bundy Songs

  • Acoustic Ninja from Adapt
  • Hot Capo Stew from Missile Bell Live
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine and other covers from Missile Bell

Must Have Album

  • Adapt

Peppino D’AgostinoPeppino D'Agostino - Nine White KitesCredit:

Peppino D’Agostino first picked up the acoustic guitar after being inspired by his cousin playing at church services in his hometown of Torino, Italy. D’Agostino went on to teach himself the guitar and was heavily influenced by the likes of Carlos Santana and Paco de Lucia.  In 1984, D’Agostino immigrated to San Francisco to pursue his dreams in music both as a performer and as a composer.  Those dreams did not come so quickly as D’Agostino found himself playing as a street musician for a several years before he truly emerged as a world-renowned guitarist. 

His international roots show up in all of his music as D’Agostino has stated “I play Brazilian music, Irish music, country music, blues, ragtime, classical.”  Each and every one of these styles influence his brilliant guitar skills, making his music a veritable cornucopia of sound.  His talents have earned the praise of Acoustic Guitar magazine, which has called D’Agostino “a guitarist’s guitarist,” and the readers of Guitar Player magazine even voted him the best acoustic guitarist in 2007.   

D’Agostino has spent much of his last 25 years in the United States, playing, performing, and teaching the art of the acoustic guitar.  D’Agostino has released eight solo albums in the United States and three DVDs.  He also has released a number instructional videos and books for the guitar. D’Agostino still regularly plays throughout the Americas and Europe and has recently released his critically acclaimed album titled, “Nine White Kites.”

D’Agostino’s music can be purchased on his website or downloaded from online retailers. 

Classic Peppino D’Agostino Songs

  • Why Not? from Close to the Heart
  • Cowboy Minestrone from Nine White Kites
  • Grand Canyon from Venus Over Venice

Must Have Album

  • Nine White Kites