The book I chose to read is called "The Three Golden Keys" by Peter Sis. There were many different types of styles of art, color, technique and variety of media that were talked about in this book. The story was about a father (Peter) that wrote a note to his daughter (Madeline) about his childhood and why he left to go search where he grew up to bring back memories. Throughout the story Peter remembers the little things of his childhood and feels as if there are clues that he should follow them. Peter stops at different destinations throughout his journey, and at a few stops, Peter gets a golden key from someone and it tells him a story about his childhood. In the end it shows that you may move on but your childhood will always remain with you.

Peter Sis does a great job at showing different aspects of art. The first picture that is shown in the book shows a storm with gray and black paints which signifies stormy weather. Sis also uses different types of shapes to make a maze to define the city. Some other things he uses throughout the book are several different light colors to show happiness and then he shows dark colors as "evil." It is amazing how different colors can show moods in art. There are many different types of media shown in the beginning and end of the book. Some of the different types of media shown in the beginning of the story are cursive text to show the definition of the overall message to his daughter. One of the things that I thought was very interesting is when he talks about the librarian and how he remembered her when he was little. This was a very interesting part of the book. The illustration of the librarian was not a person with legs and arms; it was a person that was shaped with books. This book shows the many different aspects of art in a very creative way.

If I were a teacher and I planned on discussing this book to my students I would explain that when they get older and be bigger that their childhood which they are in now will always plan on following them everywhere they go. I do think that this book was written more for a older crowd in middle school rather than younger students just because the story was kind of complicated for young children. It is hard for young children to understand metaphors and how to compare certain things to others. This book gave a good example as to what century the author was from just by the ways he explains what games and things he did in his childhood. Also, the different types of colors which were generally not very colorful and plain, so they could tell that it was supposed to take place long ago. Also, the readers would know what era it takes place in since in the beginning of the story he says that it is in the 21st century.

Overall I feel that Peter Sis did a very good job at getting his message across by the different types of color, media, and technique of art that he used. I think that he gave the readers sincerity that your memories will last forever when you grow up.