Soul mates do exist, and they are intriguing and interesting in the way they make us to rush through dating and romantic escapades to the point in which love becomes love. The process of dating raises an important question whether people are ever genuine in their relationships, especially during dating.

Justifications covering the failure to truly project an ideal image of a perfect relationship usually occur in the form of heaping tons of blames on our dating partners. Ironically, this is actually the process all of us must take to identify the soul mates among the crowds we meet on the dating course. The three soul mates include the intellectual, inspirational and the partner soul mate.

The intellectual soul mate is mostly a school, college or work mate who inspires envy due to her or his intellectual prowess. This soul mate reigns during the stages of life that an individual is hustling in the intellectual's world. The inspirational soul mate reigns at a later stage in life when an individual is hustling to establish himself or herself in a career. They keep a person hopeful and ambitious despite frequent discouragements faced on the way up a corporate ladder or even self employment. The partner soul mate is most times, the marriage partner. They are the last soul mates in a normal lifespan, and help an individual to meet the responsibilities obligated by the society. Partner soul mates simply help get and raise a family.

Thoughts of soul mates always bring hopes or memories of a physically charged intimacy between lovers in one's lifetime. The fact is that in one's lifetime, there are sole mates, two of whom are exclusively for the intellectual and the inspirational intimate endeavors. Mates must always be judged by the sacrifice of their personal desires made to exclusively fulfill the needs or desires of their loved ones.

Unconditional love is the defining criteria for all the three soul mates and their motivation to love must always be clear, because this helps place them in their appropriate class. Soul mate's energy is geared always towards betterment of a partner and at the greatest investment a soul mate makes in life is giving love. Ideal love mates live their lives for each other with their bond bordering the walls of pure obsession.

These three types of soul mates can also be represented in three levels. The first level soul mate is called the mirror image soul mate and always appears to have specially been designed perfectly for an individual. A strong bond always exists between a mirror image soul mate, otherwise called rather a first love. Second level soul persons can be regarded as supporters. They help individuals out of a career problem or situation by offering unconditional support, encouragement and understanding. Level three soul mates is a lifetime provider who helps out when an individual is mature and wants to settle down. They help meet family responsibilities and their effectiveness is determined by how well they carry out that duty.