Internet is full of misconceptions and myths about web hosting companies. If you are thinking about starting your own website then you might come across some of them. Some people will tell you that free hosting is the best, others will say "nothing is free". Some will recommend unlimited hosting plans, others will ask you to stay away from them. In order to make sound decisions, you'll have to do a lot of research. Without that you might run into serious problems and your website might suffer. In this article I'll try to save you some time by clarifying the three most common misconceptions related to web hosting.

1. Unlimited Hosting is the Best Choice

By attaching the word "unlimited" with a hosting plans, companies just try to attract more customers. In reality there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Most companies use this technique because they know that an average website can't use a lot of resources and thus most website owners will never need to upgrade their plan. However, if a website starts getting a lot of visitors then most of them will terminate the account associated with it. If you are starting a personal blog or small business website then unlimited hosting will surely suffice your needs, but if you want to make decent income through your website then limited hosting is much better. In a limited hosting plan your website won't get blocked as long as it stays within the limits but in unlimited hosting the company might suspend your account at any time (sometimes without any prior notice or warning).

2. Quality Free Web Hosting doesn't Exist

Actually, there are several big hosting companies which provide quality services free of cost. They do this because a lot of people who start with free hosting, upgrade to paid hosting at some point in time. The biggest drawback of free hosting is that resources are very limited and only a small sized website can be made by using it. Still, this is a blessing for newbies who want some experience before spending actual money. If you want to find a good host that offers free plans, then you might have to search a lot. But believe me, it's totally worth it.

3. Going with Free Hosting is The Best Option

On the other end of the spectrum, we have people who think that free hosting is ideal for everyone. This is not true. Free hosting has some shortcomings which make it a poor choice for many websites. For instance, most of the free hosts reserve some space on each client's websites to advertise their own business. Some provide ridiculously small amounts of disk space and bandwidth which greatly limits the creativity of the website owner. In short free hosting is good for experimentation or for making small websites but not for large corporate sites.

Web hosting plays an important part in success of a website and underestimating it's importance can be dangerous. When searching for a good hosting option, never believe evething blindly. Do some research and weigh all your options properly.