While it is a great idea to live in a well-equipped home that can satisfy all your basic (and luxurious) needs, you have to prepare yourself for the fact that well-equipped homes require wallets that can manage the utilities and upkeep. Although some families are content with having one TV, one desktop computer, and one DVD player at home to fulfil their entertainment needs, there are those who simply cannot live without their home entertainment system, digital freezer, and the latest i7 computer system. If you’re the kind who lives on “modernity” by purchasing the latest gadgets and appliances all the time, you still might want to exercise a little reasonable judgement when it comes to choosing new gizmos that are environment-friendly, at least. Here are three of the most expensive appliances that can shoot up your electric bill which you should think-twice about before buying:

The Latest Crystal LED TV with Movement Sensors and Internet Capabilities

Having the latest internet-friendly and sensor-capable LED TV will surely impress your friends when they come over, but the glory isn’t the only thing you have to keep in mind, because this latest technology consumes 40% more electricity than a 40-inch Flat screen TV (which, we think, is still cool by the way). And aside from heavier electricity consumption, you also have to pay for the extra internet connection and the regular maintenance required to keep it in tip-top condition.

The Latest Fax/Copier/Photo Printer/Music Player

What’s confusing about gadgets these days is they are no longer created to serve one function. In fact, do you know that toasters now have built-in mp3-playing capabilities? One such multi-functional gadget is the latest fax/copier/photo printer/music player with built-in Bluetooth technology with Wi-Fi capability. The idea of its ingenious manufacturers is to make file sharing easier by incorporating printing/copying abilities to a machine that can send the documents by fax or e-mail. And what’s best is it can play music while you’re busy using it. The downside, however, of this state-of-the-art fax machine is that it costs 50% more to use than your standard fax machine. If you’re a billionaire running a very lucrative business, then this is one luxury you can afford for work. But if you’re a middle-class white-collar worker, it may not be something ideal to have at home.

The Entertaining Massage Chair

Ever heard of the massage chair that can give you maximum relaxation right at the convenience of your own home? It is, apparently, not the latest thing anymore. There’s an entertaining massage chair that can actually give you a massage while entertaining you with your favourite movie or music. You can also surf the net with its built-in computer. The downside? It costs nearly £2500 and uses up as much as £40 a month on standby. Yes, ON STAND BY.

While it is ideal to stay updated with the latest in technology, it doesn’t mean you have to buy everything “latest” that comes out in the market. Learn to differentiate between the things you want and the things you need, and not only will you successfully save money, you will also save yourself from accumulating outdated “junk” in a few years.