Indeed, retail jobs are all about selling a marked up item or service. In effect, that makes every employee a salesperson or at least that is what the owners of the retailer desire. Salespeople are everywhere: cellular service and device retailers, automobile dealerships, electronic "big box" stores, clothiers, jewelers and the list goes on and on.

1. Salesperson

As far as retail jobs statistics are concerned the most popular jobs in retail are front-line positions where a salesperson directly interacts with a potential customer, answering questions and suggesting certain goods and services. This position requires great personal communication skills, a definite degree of approachability and the confidence and knowledge of how to close a deal. Some salespeople work part-time.

2. Cashiers

Following salespeople, cashiers are a close second in the most popular roles in retail. Cashiers must know how to make change, operate a register, be knowledgeable about currents sales, what to do when a price discrepancy occurs and have great customer service skills.

3. Customer Service Representatives

Still common but not as much as salespersons and cashiers, customer service representatives round out the number three spot in the most popular positions in retail. This is an important retail job which involves handling customers returning merchandise for a refunds or credit. They also deal with customer complaints and sell gift cards.

Opportunities in Retail Abound

The retail industry is one of the few in which a person can start with little or no higher education and possibly advance their careers based upon building experience and performance. The employment market and economy are both dynamic. It is important to remember that when layoffs are proposed, a company usually keeps employees who perform well beyond their job description and get along with other employees.

Determining which roles are best suited towards an individual's talents, experience and customer service skills will help that person decide which one to pursue. It might help to establish a goal in the retail industry and work towards that goal understanding that it may take some months or years to achieve it. In the meantime, concentrate on establishing a solid work record and achieving positive performance reviews. It is possible to go far in retail and there are a lot of starting points.