Navigating through the available information and resources involving diet and physical fitness can be daunting and time-consuming. Celebrities and new products promise quick solutions to our need to become healthier; yet, Jane Fonda's New Workout or Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies won't exclusively guarantee peak physical fitness. Jack Lalanne's Power Juicer or a George Foreman Grill alone aren't keys to a sound diet program. Using a Sobakawa Pillow for a good nights sleep won't assure a properly rested and recovered body. Pursuing these three simultaneously will result in a healthier body.


A routine is defined as "a detailed course of action to be followed regularly." So, routine when it comes to physical fitness means committing time each day to engage in exercise. Consistent time needs to be spent challenging your body to develop as a result of more physical demands placed upon it.

Exercising habitually is easier if it has recreational value. It is more enjoyable to watch Jane Fonda demonstrating proper form or Richard Simmons as he shimmys and shakes to the song "Peggy Sue." Working out is easier to commit to if it is fun to do.


Replenishment is supplying water and food to your body before, during, and after your chosen routine. Your body needs a constant supply of nutrients to support daily functioning as well as help the growth of muscles and tissues.

Hydration, or the ability of the body to keep its functions lubricated by ample water intake, is a key most of us know about but many ignore. A creative way of getting adequate fluids is to use a juicer or blender to enjoy fresh juice or smoothies. Liquefying fruits and vegetables provides the water our bodies need as well as the added benefits of vitamins and minerals in their most potent absorbable state.

Nourishment in solid form is also critical. Protein intake through animal or vegetable sources, like meat or tofu, is key for proper muscle growth and maintenance. Grilling food over a hot bed of coals outdoors or on an electric grill inside is a popular trend today; although, there are a lot of healthy ways to fix a steak or piece of tofu . Grilling is one preferred method of cooking healthier since whatever you prepare is being suspended above the cooking elements by grills and a majority of the fat is drained away.Carbohydrates like rice and pasta play their part by supplying energy to burn throughout the day. A small amount of fat from desirable sources like nuts, fish, olive oil, and grains is important as well.


The most common and sought after form of resting that is foundational to the health of our bodies, regardless of our physical activity level, is sleep. Refreshment and rejuvenation is found by curling up with your favorite pillow for this nightly ritual as a cornerstone for your body.

Recovery is key as a form of rest as well. This means giving your body a break in addition to its required nightly slot for sleep by refraining from your daily routine altogether.Your body needs adequate time to rebuild itself following a strenuous exercise regimen. The break between sessions depends upon the intensity of the exercise. The common recommendation for weight training, for instance, is to allow forty-eight hours to occur before resuming activity and engaging a specific muscle group. Strength training can be a high intensity type of exercise. An example would be working back, chest, and leg muscles three days a week with the appropriate break in between.   Muscles pushed to their limits continually without proper recovery can be overstressed and severely injured. This could lead to an undesired long-term vacancy from a fun routine.