I confess that I have never been a huge fan of self-help books, since I have always contemplated those types of books as the ultimate money making strategy, Self- Help has become a corporate diamond for some writers aware of the increasing amount of people who feel a lack of fulfillment in their lives. Many of these books have even made it to the New York Times Best Selling List, but having read and analyzed a plethora of Self-Help publications, I dare to say that much of their success is based on the placebo effect, a strategy not only used by pharmaceutical companies. 

 You may be wondering why I have read so many different types of self-help literature if I don’t even believe in it. The primal reason has been the non-stop search for an answer and even a solution for a severe depression after losing both of my parents at the age of twenty-three.  I felt psychiatrists weren’t helping, I lost the will to live and my life became a complete mess, but strangely there was a little hope inside me that kept me looking for "that something" that would give me inspiration and the tools to help me get back on track, and especially, to give me back my happiness. 

After randomly hearing a perspective-changing testimony of a friend (who suffers from depression too) about a spiritual guidance book, I decided to give it a try. I can say I’m glad I made that choice because encouraged me to find quality literature that truly guided me through the path of peace, self-realization and personal fulfillment. 

Today, I can tell you that I live in a state of much more inner peace and I finally believe in myself again. I learned that if you feel in peace with yourself there is nothing impossible to achieve, as the world becomes yours.

My "peace finding journey" was anything but easy, to be honest it was sometimes painful, it required me to work extremely hard (specially on my personal discipline), I even though I would quit at some point, but today I can say that I'm really glad didn't. Thanks to those three books I will encourage you to read you, I gained the discipline and courage to live a fully charged life focused on living the present moment in order to regain my creativity, inspiration and passion towards life. 

I felt I was in a real black tunnel, but I finally found the light at the end of my tunnel. Now I still have problems of all kinds, everybody ever will. The difference today is that I learned to approach my issues in a much more positive attitude, I have learned to seek new challenges and what's more important: I have told my self that there is always a way to live a peaceful, purposeful and happy life.

My final advice to you is: GET THESE BOOKS, I assure you, you won't regret it. 


1. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
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This is the the book I was actually talking about. This is the book that saved my life. When I started reading it I was in a very depressed state, but its magic captivated me from the beginning. Tolle, some who has suffered from severe depression, truly understands the essence of living life fully free. Some of the topics covered in this book are: the source of Chi, personal enlightenment as well as within relationships, creative use of the mind, he cycle of life, among other dogma changing themes.

Besides from being easy to read and entertaining, "The Power of Now" is one the most magical books I have ever read. It's magic is applied by the method that is required to read this book: Slowly and making pauses when the author indicates. By applying the guides provided by Tolle you will truly understand the essence of what freedom really means.

I recommend to reread this book and to make marks and notes in order to read and apply what you've learned in this book in your daily life.

The Charge by Brendon Burchard

The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel
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Burchard, another author who has suffered from depression, begins by describes three different ways to approach life: caged, comfortable or charged. I used to feel caged but thanks to this incredible author and human being I've learned to apply the "charge points" that activate what is already hidden inside all of us in order to live a happy life accompanied with a sense of fulfillment.

"Every once in a while you read a book that completely changes how you think about your life, igniting within you a new internal drive to be more, do more, and give more. This is that kind of book." -David Bach, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich

"The Charge will change your life. Our brains are hard wired to meet specific human drives, and learning to harness and activate those drives is the secret to success and happiness. This is a smart and beautifully written book, and it will electrify your life. Get this book!" -Daniel G. Amen, MD, New York Times best-selling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

The Charge is an inspiring guide to the one thing we all want: more life in our lives. Brendon Burchard proves that we can harness our emotional drives to feel more alive, and that it's our internal charge that helps us meet life's challenges with joy and courage. I love this book."--Paulo Coelho, New York Times bestselling author of The Alchemist

The Tools by Phil Stutz & Barry Mitchels

The Tools: 5 Tools to Help You Find Courage, Creativity, and Willpower--and Inspire You to Live Life in Forward Motion
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(price as of Jul 24, 2014)
Something I love about this book is how it presents itself as an interesting, insight-looking and extremely effective method of psychotherapy, and actual psychotherapy can be really expensive.

The authors offer five tools to begin change:

1. Reversal of Desire, which aim to help you break out of your comfort zone, embrace pain and move past it.
1. Active Love, where the author talks about creating and sending out love.
3. Inner Authority, embrace and celebrate your inner self and free your natural self when you feel filled with worry, anxiety and negativity,
4. Grateful Flow, sends you in a journey to live the present and connects you to your true inner self.
5. Jeopardy, provides the willpower to stay on track.

If you apply the tools, this psycho- therapeutical journey will change your life.