Heading off the trail

Bushwhacking is the fun adventure of going off the designated hiking trail and venturing into the unknown in nature. There are no trails because you are diving head first into uncharted territory. There is a certain thrill in bushwhacking because you are alone against nature itself, there are no rules and you are at the mercies of finding your own path. It can be fun and playfully entertaining to take part in, but also dangerous and treacherous if you aren't careful.

Wired into who we are

We as human beings have always been called to nature. We love it and enjoy it, and find rest and peace when taking part in outdoor activities. Bushwhacking plays upon this deep desire for the outdoors furtNature viewher by going off into territory that hasn't been marked by trails or humans. We are alone against nature. This thrilling aspect of bushwhacking dives into the primal instincts we as outdoor enthusiasts. When we head off the trail and into the unknown we can experience and see all kinds of things that others don't. I was talking to a friend on our recent hike and we feel like finding new territory is definitely something that a human desires at their core of who they are. Getting out there and trekking into the unknown is fulfilling and satisfies those desires  we have deep down that we long to fulfill.

Fun things to discover

There have been waterfalls just discovered here in Colorado in the last year or two and people hiked right by them all the time because it was off the trail. You could bushwhack off the trail and find your own waterfall or landmark and name it after yourself! You can also find animal tracks, see animals you normally wouldn't because they stay away from trailsSummit picture, and many other things. I personally love going off the designated trail because I'm a huge fan of bird photography and birds are much more common to find and more beautiful in areas where humans haven't been. There are many areas where when you hike you can find a great vantage point that has never been traversed, which gives you a unique ability to take pictures nobody else will ever experience in their lives because they don't know where you went. That's the fun in bushwhacking is getting out there and discovering new things. You never know when you could run into a cave or waterfall or summit that's never experience the touch of human contact. It's thrilling to say the least and extremely satisfying.

Healing effects

When diving into mother nature head on and trekking where no man has gone before, there is a very healthy impact on our bodies and minds. It's a very renewing process in our thoughts to be somewhere nobody else has been and seeing all that nature has to offer. I can't tell you how fulfilling it is to sit in a place that probably nobody has experienced and just taking it all in. This really gives me a rejuvenating feeling and allows me to shut my eyes and see it with my mind. The body responds well to the lack of stress and almost cleanses your whole being. It's almost too hard to put into words, but when you bushwhack off to the unknown and find new and interesting things you can't help but feel fantastic and enjoy what nature has to offer. If you live in an area that doesn't have a lot of trees, hiking trails, and mountains to explore then find something new in your area that could prove to be interesting, even if you have to travel a distance to get there. Go out and experience nature like never before! Find a forest somewhere in your area and jump off the beaten path and see something new that people probably have never experienced before.