Why is it that many Europeans flock to the Costa Blanca year after year? And do multi-tunes of northern Europeans visit the province of Alicante throughout the year because of the indomitable sunshine? Or is it because of the wonderful white sandy beaches of the Costa Blanca, the famous food that is served in this region, or the wonderful nightlife? If you are looking for any of the above you will find it here. A great place to base yourself is the seaside town of Calpe. You will find Calpe hotels to be very reasonable in price and an excellent place for a base camp in order to tour Northern Alicante.

From Alicante International Airport you can proceed along the AP7 motorway which will bring you to the outskirts of Calpe. The rates of Calpe hotels are very reasonable as compared to other parts of Europe. And if you are on a budget trip, there are many two star hotels in this city that will provide you with excellent services. Before we look at Calpe, there are also two other excellent places that you can explore ... Altea and Benidorm.


Wherever you go along the Costa Blanca, whether it be the villages or cities, the first stop should be the beaches. Even if you do not take a dip in the cool waters, walking along the beaches will always give you a refreshing feeling after all the travelling. The most famous beach in Altea is La Roda. Other famous beach resorts are the Cap Negret with black pebbles and Cap Blanc. The Town Center of Altea has preserved the cobbled streets that showcase the white washed buildings with geraniums adorning the facades of each of the buildings. Walking through the winding roads you will reach the very famous landmark of Calpe - the blue dome of the church of Virgen del Consuelo. Many of these winding streets will lead you to the top of Altea where you will find a square. Here you can take in the breathtaking view over the town and of Altea Bay. Eateries and shops abound here.


One of the things that you will notice first about Benidorm is its scale and. It has often been referred to as the Manhattan Spain because of the many skyscraper hotels that are built along the beach. The 5 km of beaches that are part of Benidorm are split into two different sections. The first is the Poniente beach, which also refers to the dry and warm westerly wind which blows along the coast from the Straits of Gibraltar. The second is the Levante. This is often the name that is used to refer to the Iberian Peninsula's eastern side. But one of the main tourist attractions in the city of Benidorm has to be at the all-night party atmosphere. This is why you will often hear to Benidorm being referred to as the city that never sleeps ... another reference to the Manhattan Spain. You will find nightclubs, bars, restaurants, etc. open throughout the night here. There is also great family atmosphere here with several theme parks available including the famous Terra Mitica.


Of the three cities, Calpe is the least populated and least developed ... but it is the most tranquil. This is the reason why a traveler visiting these three cities would decide to stay in Calpe - for rest after long hours of gallivanting in the holiday get-aways in Costa Blanca. If you should book a hotel in one of the Calpe hotels, you have to choose one that overlooks the landmark of Calpe - the Penon de Ifach. Visiting the two churches - Iglesia Antigua and the church of Nuestra Senora de Nieve is a must. There are also archeological exhibits that you can see in Calpe - something amiss in Benidorm. And Calpe will never be lacking in terms of its beaches - the Cantal Roig and the Arenal beaches have fine sands.

These three cities in Alicante are really worth a visit. Each one has something different to offer; each one has a definite landmark. All have nice hotels and activities but if you are looking for that tranquility at the end of the day then Calpe hotels are for you.