The Time Saver Guide to Making Money Writing For Websites – Worldwide

Writing for Adsense revenue sharing sites can earn you a decent income, if you are willing to put in the work and create lots of original content – and promote that content. Promoting your article online can be the most time consuming and boring step on the writing to earning production line.

Why not just submit an article to a revenue sharing site and move on to the next one? Because its ad clicks that make you money – ad clicks come from a steady flow of traffic – and a steady flow of traffic comes from promoting your articles. If you don't make an effort to attract hits to your content, don't expect to be attracting much money into your bank account either (or at least not nearly as much as you could). But the process of promotion does not have to be a lengthy one – by taking the best and quickest aspects of social bookmarking applications and the 5 Site Method, you can spend more time writing articles and as little time as possible promoting them (while still getting good results).

Step 1: Info Barrel

If you're looking for a good site to write for, this is it. If you already write for a different Adsense revenue sharing site – you may want to check out Info Barrel anyway. It's moving up fast in the industry with its professionalism and user friendly layout - and writers get 75-90% of the Adsense revenue. You make use of your own Google Adsense ID (if you don't have one you'll be guided through the process of getting one once you sign up and complete your profile) when using Info Barrel. This means that you will be paid by Google directly - and Google sends cheques worldwide (great for people living in countries where Paypal can't be used to receive funds). What's more, Info Barrel supports Chitika, which works in the same way as Adsense and offers you an additional income stream from your articles – so sign up for your account as soon as possible if you dint have one.

Now that Info Barrel is out of the way and you're ready to churn out articles like a freelancing machine, it's time to look at some quick ways to promote those articles. (Note: These methods can be used to complement other Adsense revenue sharing sites too).

Step 2: Xomba

Sign up for Xomba and you'll have access to an Adsense revenue sharing site that has social bookmarking functionality. The "Xomblurbs" feature is quick and easy and allows you to post a title, a short description, some key words and a link back to your article. Xomba is a popular site that will boost your articles search engine ranking – and by inserting your Adsense ID into your profile you will be earning 50% of the revenue that your Xomblurbs generate.

Now that your article is being promoted and generating Adsense revenue on two websites, it's time to kick the promotion up another notch – in the fastest way possible of course.

Step 3: Social Bookmarking

Submitting your articles to social bookmarking sites ensures that they will be seen by search engine bots – which means a quick and simple listing on major search engines and more traffic for your article. But who has time to submit every article to a long list of popular social bookmarking sites? Instead, just use three that make your life easy – and use a social bookmarking application to make your life even easier. On the top of each article that you write for Info Barrel is a social bookmarking application – by clicking on the icon of the site you want to use, you will be taken to that page, almost ready to submit your article. Open up Digg, Yahoo Buzz and Reddit (in new tabs) – these are the quickest and easiest to use that will still get you the results you need. Each one will open up a form that has been almost fully completed – a code and maybe a category selection is about all you will have to enter. Submit each one and your social bookmarking worries are over. If you don't use Info barrel – just install shareaholic, a social bookmarking application that forms part of your browser and works in the same way.

Quick and Easy

The longest part of this method is the initial sign up for each site – after that just submit an article, post a Xomblurb about it, do a quick triple submission with a social bookmarking application, and you're done. All that's left is to get started on that next article.